Longaberger Products Retiring in August 2010

Retiring Longaberger Products

Place your orders at Roses Gift Ideas while these great products last. To see all our retiring products click here.


Beverage Tub Basket $112 Bread Carrier Basket $54 Medium Gathering™ Basket $82 Large Market Basket $92 Round Potluck Basket $62 Square Pencil Basket $35 Longaberger To Go® Small Shopping Tote Basket $185 Longaberger To Go Medium Shopping Tote Basket $220 Longaberger To Go Napa Stripe Saddlebag Basket $195 All Together Basket $82 Gourmet Basket $76 Napkin Carrier Basket $68 Large Handled Leaf Basket $98 Leaf Basket $64 Summertime Stripe Buffet Basket $94 Summertime Stripe Buffet Buddy Basket $52 Summer Brights Baskets Set of 4 $90 Summer Brights Basket Bright Pink $29 Summer Brights Basket Bright Green $29 Summer Brights Basket Bright Orange $29 Summer Brights Basket Purple $29 American Celebrations™ Caddy Basket $40 American Celebrations Small Picnic Basket Set $132 American Celebrations Wave Basket $74 Large Flag Basket Set $299 Star Tie-On $10


Woven Traditions® 1-Pint Crock $15 2-Quart Covered Casserole $74 3-Part Server $35 Divided Wave Bowl $50 Flower Pot with Saucer $29 Pump Dispenser $20 Star Plates Set of 3 $60 All Woven Traditions Classic Blue Pottery® Summertime Stripe Travel Mug $16 Botanical Fields™ Luncheon Plates Set of 4 $60Botanical Fields Soup & Salad Bowls Set of 4 $50 Botanical Fields Mugs Set of 4 $50

Wall Art

Roosters Prints Set of 2 $59 Cedar Landscape Print $149 Mediterranean Landscape Print $149 Poppy Field Print $149


All Cabana Blue Stripe Liners, Placemats, Napkins and Fabric Bins All Summertime Stripe Liners, Placemats and Napkins Pretty in Pink 3 in 1 Tote $29

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Independent Home Consultant - Welcome The Longaberger Company is America's premier maker of handcrafted gift baskets, pottery and offers other home decor products.

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