Last Chance – Longaberger August Product Retirements

Order Today…to get the Longaberger items you have been wanting before they’re gone.  This is your LAST CHANCE as these items retire on August 31st.

Take a look at just a few items being retired.  Don’t miss out…Place your order today at Roses Gift Ideas.


Beverage Tub Basket $112
Bread Carrier Basket $54
Medium Gathering™ Basket $82
Large Market Basket $92
Round Potluck Basket $62
Square Pencil Basket $35
Longaberger To Go® Small Shopping Tote Basket $185


Woven Traditions® 1-Pint Crock $15
2-Quart Covered Casserole $74
3-Part Server $35
Divided Wave Bowl $50
Flower Pot with Saucer $29
Pump Dispenser $20
Star Plates Set of 3 $60
Summertime Stripe Travel Mug $16


Beverage Tub Basket Team Spirit $140
Beverage Tub WoodCrafts Lid Collegiate/NFL $66
Beverage Tub Basket Set Collegiate $203
Beverage Tub Basket Set NFL $214
Cake Basket w/Riser Team Spirit $89
Cake Basket WoodCrafts Lid Collegiate/NFL $57
Cake Basket Set Collegiate $143


Summertime Floral Dinner Plates Set of 4 $30
Summertime Floral Platter $25
Summertime Floral Soup & Salad Bowls Set of 4 $20
Summertime Floral Tumblers Set of 4 $20
Set of 4 8 oz Tumblers $32
All Short Jar Candles $12
All Pint Size Pillar Candles $12
Buttercream Vanilla 3”x6” Pillar Candle $13
Very Berry Grande Jar Candle $25


Beverage Tub Holder $100
Foyer Wall Unit w/WoodCrafts Shelf $250
Foyer Bench w/WoodCrafts Top $300
Easel $18
Flower Box $59
Media Rack $40
Summertime Floral Patio Umbrella Surround $40
Summertime Floral Lantern $30

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