Longaberger Exclusive on Every Day Baskets

Mark your calendars and inform your friends and family to do the same to take advantage of this 12 hour sale August 25th.  Longaberger’s every day baskets are on sale and ready to serve in your home. Order them all at Roses Gift Ideas on August 25th.

Cracker Basket – The Cracker Basket is a treasured old friend that can be used for everything from snacks for game night at home to keeping straws, flatware or sweetener packets handy in the kitchen.

Bread Basket – A must have for serving and organizing! Beyond the kitchen or dining room, you’ll discover a use for this basket in every room. So perfect for CDs or DVDs — you’ll want one by the TV, stereo and computer! Use three Tea Protectors and Liners to create your own divided protector.

Cake Basket – Dave’s dad, J.W. Longaberger, crafted Cake Baskets for the ladies of Dresden, Ohio, to carry their cakes to church socials. You can easily carry two Woven Traditions® Grandma Bonnie’s Pie Plates with the Small Riser and don’t forget the Over-the-Edge Liner and Protector to keep your basket safe from spills.

Hold It All Basket – This handy basket is just the right size and holds it all in every room.  This performing does it all:

  • Pantry – Ideal for storing large bags of dog food
  • Laundry Room – Teach your family to sort their own laundry
  • Craft Room – Manage your holiday and special occasion wrapping paper
  • Back Porch – The ultimate sports equipment organizer
  • Any Room – Perfect as a side table, just add a glass tabletop

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