Longaberger Collectors Club

Join the Collectors Club Family! The Longaberger Collectors Club is a special group of people who love everything about Longaberger. By joining Collectors Club, you have immediate access to exclusive products, offers, Signatures™ magazine, online renewal, and events and information available to members only. Enjoy the very best Longaberger has to offer — join Collectors Club Today!

Collectors Club Cornucopia Basket (Instant Access)
Item #62151

The richness of the fall harvest season is beautifully portrayed in the new Collectors Club Cornucopia Basket. The graceful curving is another example of the fine craftsmanship and pride our artisans give to their work to provide our members an heirloom to treasure and cherish for many generations.

Collectors Club Family Together Series™ Give Thanks Basket Set (Instant Access)
Item #62149

Third in the series of four, the Family Together Series Give Thanks Basket represents a tradition of gratitude during this season of thankfulness and abundance. Continue a tradition of sharing the message of thanks and giving support in your community. This basket is designed to help our collectors and their families set aside their own contributions to give their favorite charity organizations. Set includes Basket, Protector and slotted WoodCrafts Lid w/knob. 


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Independent Home Consultant - Welcome The Longaberger Company is America's premier maker of handcrafted gift baskets, pottery and offers other home decor products.

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