LAST CHANCE…Today’s Longaberger Special

LAST CHANCE…Today’s Longaberger Special

Today’s Special

Treat yourself during our After Holiday Sale and stock up on terrific items at terrific prices! Available from Noon, EST (9 am, PST) on Monday, December 26, through Midnight, EST (9 pm, PST) on December 31. Treat yourself today … while supplies last!  Order online Now @ Roses Gift Ideas.

Woven Traditions® Appetizer Plate


Regular Price  $20.00
Your Price $10.00


Woven Traditions® Appetizer Tray


Regular Price  $32.00
Your Price $15.00


Woven Traditions® Single Dessert Bowl


Regular Price  $12.00
Your Price $5.00


Set of 2 Woven Traditions® Spreaders


Regular Price  $20.00
Your Price $9.00


Woven Traditions® Garlic Roaster


Regular Price  $16.00
Your Price $12.00


Woven Traditions® Cake for Two


Regular Price  $24.00
Your Price $20.00


Woven Traditions® Pie Tart


Regular Price  $19.00
Your Price $16.00


Set of 4 Reindeer Appetizer Plates


Regular Price  $48.00
Your Price $36.00


Set of 2 Holly Berry Dinner Plates


Regular Price  $36.00
Your Price $26.00


Woven Traditions® Rectangle Bowl


Regular Price  $18.00
Your Price $14.00


Santa Belly Medium Gathering Basket


Regular Price  $99.00
Your Price $72.00


Small Laundry Basket w/FREE Protector


Regular Price  $227.00
Your Price $139.00


Set of 2 Holly Berry Placemats


Regular Price  $22.00
Your Price $18.00


Set of 2 Holly Berry Napkins


Regular Price  $15.00
Your Price $12.00


Filled Hurricane Candle


Regular Price  $28.00
Your Price $16.00


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Independent Home Consultant - Welcome The Longaberger Company is America's premier maker of handcrafted gift baskets, pottery and offers other home decor products.

One thought on “LAST CHANCE…Today’s Longaberger Special”

  1. Hi Rose, I am a fellow consultant from Pennsylvania and I am looking for 3 retired Am. Holly Pottery Pieces and was hoping maybe you could help me.

    I need to replace the Am Holly Vase, Am Holly Bowl and 1 of my AM. Holly Plates, unfortunately when my boys carried my totes of christmas stuff to storage they piled them too high and they fell over, breaking those 3 items. I was heartbroken!

    please let me know if you may have these pieces for sale. Thank you and Happy New Year!


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