Longaberger March Hoopla Party

Longaberger March Hoopla Party

Let The Madness Begin!

Host a March Hoopla Party this year with the Collegiate Series from Longaberger! With beautiful baskets and serving pieces that are sure to be a slam dunk with all your basketball favorites, you will be the MVP of your party. Here’s some handy tips to make the games extra special!  Shop Online @ Roses Gift Ideas.

  • Commemorate the party by having your guests sign your favorite team lid. You’ll remember all the fun for years to come.
  • Position a Woven Traditions® 8-In-1 Entertainer inside the Social Gathering Basket for serving made easy!
  • The Cracker Basket never looked so tempting, filled with snacks like chips, popcorn and pretzels.
  • Headed out to watch the game? Prepare your favorite Southwest dip in the Woven Traditions 9”x13” Baking Dish and tote it on top of the Medium Market Basket. Tuck chips inside the basket.
  • Hosting dessert lovers? Support your team while serving a Mojito Cheeseball on your team’s WoodCrafts Cutting Board.
  • The Small Oval Bowl is a hardworking favorite at a great price. Perfect for candy, mints, or antacids … depending on how much they enjoy the party!
  • Looking for organization? The TV Time™ Basket perfectly organizes party game essentials like plasticware and napkins.
  • Invite husbands and wives for a Hoops and Handbags Party. The perfect combination! Collegiate Series products for the men and Sisters™ Handbags for the women.

Make your March Hoopla party a slam dunk … with our Collegiate Series baskets and more! Click here to view the entire lineup. With over 60 colleges to choose from, you can’t miss!

Click on the links below for wonderful party pleasers!  Click Here for Comfort Food!



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