April Is Awesome At Longaberger!

April Is Awesome At Longaberger!

The Longaberger Company

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April Hosts Get Set
Don’t just save on awesome Woven Traditions® dinnerware — save on full settings! In April, hosts have access to beautiful setting bundles, each complete with a 5-Piece flatware Place Setting. Save as much as $34 on a bundle, including Dinner Plate, Luncheon Plate, Mug, Soup & Salad Bowl, and 5-Piece Flatware Place Setting. It’s the perfect time to shop for June brides!
Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas? April hosts with $350 or greater shows can purchase the 2012 Host Mother’s Day Tray Basket & Protector Set — an elegant Spring tribute to mothers.
It’s easy to host a $350 show because we can add online orders. Your long distance friends and family can order online and credit your show, and have their products shipped directly to them. Our new Host Planner and e-vites help too — ask me for details.
Flatware Sale — First Time Ever!
Longaberger Woven Traditions Flatware is the highest quality stainless steel with a simple elegance that’s just right for every-day use. The brushed satin finish is a delight to touch, and each piece has been carefully balanced for comfortable hand feel.This month, you can save BIG on our Flatware 5-Piece Place Settings—$58 on four settings! Plus, the new Woven Traditions Flatware Serving Set is also on sale this month. Don’t you deserve Longaberger-quality flatware to go with your beautiful, durable Woven Traditions dinnerware?

Something For EVERY Mom!
The 2012 Mother’s Day Basket is so beautiful, and a perfect gift for Mom, or anyone who has been like a mother to you. It’s a very useful size for Mom, and can easily be filled with added treats or gifts. A painted flower knob sits atop a whitewashed WoodCrafts lid, and when purchased as a set with the Drop-In Liner and Protector, you can save $13!
And since there are so many wonderful women to recognize on Mother’s Day, Longaberger has created a selection of touching gifts, like the 2012 Mother’s Day 1-Pint Crock or 2012 Host Mother’s Day Tray Basket, just for hosts.  Click here to view our current flyer!
Mother’s Day Launches New Ornament Series
Don’t miss the launch of Longaberger’s new monthly ornament series! The 2012 Mother’s Day Ornament, which itself is a delightful gift for Mother’s Day or spring in general, is a lovely example of what to expect from this series.
They’re made from maple splints, just like the baskets, and can either sit without rolling on a flat surface, or can be hung by the metal loop on top.
You’ve seen what Longaberger Basketmakers and designers can do with baskets — we’re in for a real treat this year with these seasonal ornaments! And the price is so nice for gifts, or a monthly treat for yourself.
Visit Longaberger!
Did you know that Longaberger has eight Longaberger at home® showrooms where you can find great bargains on retired items every day? And, at the showrooms you can see the latest products from the Spring WishList® and April Flyer! We’ve always got a fresh pot of Longaberger Private Reserve coffee brewing, so stop by, grab a cup and browse to see what’s new.
April 12 is Opening Day at Longaberger Homestead and there are tons of fun events planned, like the Collectors Club Gathering on April 21. It’s starting to feel like summer shopping trip time — maybe to the Homestead, or to a Longaberger at home showroom … or even an online shopping trip!  Click here for more details
Do You Like Coffee?
How would you like to LOVE your coffee? Longaberger Private Reserve is the Gold Standard of coffee, and you can get it shipped straight to your door each month. As you’d expect from Longaberger, it’s roasted by a Master Roaster using the highest quality beans from the high mountain soils of Central America — the source of the world’s most coveted coffee beans.
The Master Roaster follows Longaberger’s exact specifications, roasting in small batches to lock in a dark, full-bodied flavor. As a Coffee Club member, you receive this amazing coffee shipped to your door each month, packaged in small ½ pound amounts so it stays fresh until ready to be brewed. You’ve gotta try this coffee, and this club!
White Chocolate Amaretto Brownies
Indulge your taste buds and share a wonderful treat that is sure to be a hit anywhere — with the family, a girls’ gathering or a springtime picnic. Just click on the recipe image for complete directions.

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