Longaberger Collegiate Series Baskets

Longaberger Collegiate Series Baskets


My college roommates and I still go back to campus and
cheer our teams on at every opportunity. It’s a great way
to stay connected— with each other, and with our
alma mater. And with our Collegiate Series Baskets,
we have the best-dressed tailgate in the lot!  Order Yours Today!
a. Social Gathering Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (14¾”l x 13¾”w x 4½”h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62416# $158
Protector 40949 $20
• Collegiate Series WoodCrafts Lid 51426# $60
b. Collegiate WoodCrafts Cutting Board
10½”l x 11″w x ¾”h 51242# $40
c. Small Oval Bowl Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (7¼”l x 5″w x 3½”h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62415# $75
Protector† 40497 $8
• Collegiate Series WoodCrafts Lid 51427# $22
d. Cracker Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (11½”l x 5″w x 3″h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62417# $76
Protector† 40918 $8
• Collegiate Series WoodCrafts Lid 51425# $28
e. TV Time™ Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (8″l x 6¾”w x 5¼”h (front) x 7″h (back))
& WoodCrafts Lid 61993# $87
Protector w/Woodcrafts Divides 4101839 $26
• Protector 42790 $14
Collegiate Series WoodCrafts Lid 51078# $25
f. Medium Market Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (14½”l x 10″w x 7½”h) & WoodCrafts Lid
61991# $139
Protector 40525 $20
• Collegiate Series WoodCrafts Lid 51076# $50
g. 7″ Round Keeping™ Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (7″d x 27⁄8″h) & WoodCrafts Lid 62319# $74
Protector 40432 $8
• Collegiate Series WoodCrafts Lid 51352# $26
h. Collegiate Tie-On A
Each approx. 2¼”w x 2¼”h 23755# $14
Baskets & WoodCrafts: Replace # with Collegiate Series team code
† Dishwasher Safe • All collegiate team names/logos are trademarks

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