Longaberger Is Jumping In June!

Longaberger Is Jumping In June!

Best Seller On Sale

June is your month to get the amazing Longaberger 8-in-1 Entertainer! During the Pottery Event, the 8-in-1 Entertainer is on sale for just $73 — that’s $19 off. If you already have one, just think how much you could do with a second 8-in-1 Entertainer. This incredible combination of 3 separate pottery pieces can do just about anything. We call it an 8-in-1, but you’re sure to find even more uses than that. I’m more than happy to show you an 8-in-1 Entertainer if you haven’t seen one. In fact, this item alone is a great reason to host a show this month.

Email me for more details.

Save On Serveware

So much of your favorite Longaberger vitrified pottery is on sale in June — Roundabout Casserole Dishes, the 8″ x 8″ and 9″ x 13″ Baking Dishes, Square Canisters … even accessory pottery like our Travel Mugs and Salt and Pepper Shakers. Everything is 20% off!

Hostesses with $350 Home shows can choose from an amazing price on an 8″ x 8″ and 9″ x 13″ bundle, or a Set of 3 Woven Traditions® Square Canisters. The beautiful and convenient Hammered Metal Stand is half price in June for hosts with a $350 show plus 2 bookings — just $25.

Why Does Vitrified Matter?
Longaberger Woven Traditions vitrified pottery is like an extreme version of stoneware that’s stronger and more durable. The extreme firing temperature of the vitrification process gives our pottery a glass-like finish that’s incredibly strong and easy to clean. The result is beautiful pottery that holds up to most any use (freezer, refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher) without weakening or showing signs of wear over the years. Ask me more about Longaberger Woven Traditions Pottery!

Stars & Stripes

Summer flies high with Stars and Stripes Longaberger Baskets. The Uncle Sam‘s Hat Basket Set isn’t just a super fun decoration — it’s also a very useful basket.  You’ll love the American Stripes Small Bowl, and Large Bowl Basket with Glass, and wait ’til you see the Collectors Club Miniature Sweets Americana Cupcake Basket!

Collectors Club® Celebrates Big!

Longaberger Collectors Club members will be celebrating America’s love for sweets with this amazingly little basket. The Collectors Club Miniature Sweets Americana Cupcake Basket is one of the smallest baskets ever, but it’s big on American pride!

Topped with a hand-painted ceramic “frosted” lid, this second basket in the Miniature Sweets collection is completely “Made in America,” by Americans who love cupcakes (who doesn’t?).  Join Collectors Club if you aren’t already a member, and share in the fun!  Click here for more details.

June’s Patriotic Ornament

A perfect companion to your Uncle Sam’s Hat Basket Set, June’s ornament is another colorful addition to your Longaberger Ornament collection.

Made from maple splints, just like Longaberger baskets, this creative expression of basket making talent can either sit without rolling on a flat surface, or can be hung by the metal loop on top.  Click here to order now.

If you missed any previous ornaments, please let me know and I can help you catch up. This is a fun opportunity to take part in a uniquely beautiful collection, with a new addition each month for 12 months total.

Study Finds Coffee Drinkers Live Longer – Regular, Decaf are Equally Good

The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine has just published the results of a new study by the National Institutes of Health of 400,000 AARP members – the largest of its kind – with great news for coffee drinkers: Your coffee can help you live longer!

Join the Longaberger Coffee Club today. The gold standard of coffee shipped fresh each month right to your door. Coffee so rich, it takes a third less to brew superior taste. Now also available in Decaf.  Click here to sign up for your Coffee Club subscription today!

Plan A Summer Visit To Longaberger Homestead®!

Come to Longaberger Homestead for a fun day of shopping, history, food and friends — plus some really great deals!

Summer Bash is June 15-16, 2012, and we’ll be having a great time playing games, watching for Prize Patrol and enjoying the summer sun. In addition to seeing the latest WishList® and Flyer products on display, you’ll get fantastic deals on retired products and offerings unique to Longaberger Homestead!

This season at Longaberger Homestead, you’ll find an exclusive collection of products from Longaberger WoodCrafts, made at the Basket making Campus. Also new this season is Miller’s Restaurant and Café. This local favorite is now serving delicious, home-cooked recipes at Longaberger Homestead, with pastries, pies, cookies and chocolates too! Let’s plan a trip.  Click here for more on what to see and do!

Host A Summer Party

See some pottery you’d love to own? Want to add an heirloom-quality patriotic Stars and Stripes basket to your home décor? Why not host a summer Longaberger party in June! There’s so much we can do online to make it easy to invite, manage and track the show, and we can add online orders from friends across the country.  The best part, of course, is the savings you’ll enjoy as a host—including items at half price, and even free! Let’s talk about a time that works for you, and how we can make it fun for everyone. Or if your summer is booked up solid, we can even do an online-only show.  Click here to ask me how!

Sweet & Spicy Grilled Sea Bass Tacos

Click here for a Printable PDF of this and other delicious recipes!

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