Longaberger Flameware™ Sale


Longaberger Flameware™ Sale

Longaberger Flameware™

Our new Longaberger Flameware is the healthiest cookware for your family! Handcrafted with 100 percent natural, non-reactive ceramics, so your family tastes nothing but the food you’ve lovingly prepared. No PFOAs (Perfluorooctanoic acid, used to make non-stick cookware), lead, aluminum and heavy metals. Vitrified Plus! Designed for use on stovetop, grill, broiler, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, freezer and tabletop — leaving fewer pots to clean. Available in 7 beautiful dishwasher-safe colors, and energy efficient! Flameware retains heat so well you can lower the heat! Removeable silicone grips included for your safety and convenience.

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Flameware 14″ Pizza Stone


Regular Price  $80.00
Your Price $64.00


Flameware 11 1/2″ Skillet


Regular Price  $150.00
Your Price $120.00


Flameware 10 1/2″ Lidded Braiser


Regular Price  $175.00
Your Price $140.00


Flameware 2 1/4 Quart Lidded Dutch Oven


Regular Price  $150.00
Your Price $120.00




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