NEW Longaberger Flameware™

NEW Longaberger Flameware™

Our revolutionary new ceramic cookware makes healthy cooking easy—and is the perfect for all those who love to cook with easy clean-up.  Order online @ Roses Gift Ideas.

We recommend you season your new Flameware by adding whole or homogenized milk to the bottom of the pan until it is 1″ deep. Simmer the milk for five minutes. Do not stir the milk, as the proteins need to adhere to the bottom of the pan. Remove the dish from heat and allow it to cool before
cleaning. Seasoning your new Flameware will improve the stain resistance qualities to ensure easy clean-up use after use.

Because Flameware retains heat so well, it may also require an extra minute or two to warm up. However, its heat retention capabilities allow you to cook on a lower setting.

Flameware can be safely used on the grill and with all oven types—conventional, convection and toaster.

Flameware is ideal for microwave use. Use Flameware in the microwave as you would traditional pottery. Use pot holders, as Flameware can become very hot.

Flameware is safe for refrigerator and freezer use.

Use only nylon, plastic, silicone and wooden utensils. Metal utensils may leave marks on the surface. These are not scratches—if this happens, use kitchen sink powder or a sponge eraser to remove the marks. Store Flameware separately if space permits. Do not nest with other Flameware
as direct ceramic to ceramic contact can cause damage.  Place Flameware on a hot pad or trivet to avoid thermal shock to the cookware, and damage to table and countertops.  Silicone grips are for transporting Flameware, and are not for use in the oven, microwave, on the grill or stovetop.

Unlike other cookware, Flameware is dishwasher safe, and
can be cleaned by scouring with non-metallic pads if needed.

Flameware has a semi-matte finish to distinguish it from Woven Traditions® Vitrified Pottery.  Flameware can become extremely hot without smells or visual cues as to its temperature. Flameware retains heat much longer than metal cookware. Please use caution when handling this cookware, as it does not cool quickly even under cold water. When serving, use heat resistant placemats as retained heat can damage table or kitchen counter surfaces.

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