Longaberger October Seasonal Baskets


Longaberger October Seasonal Baskets

Seasonal Baskets

Decorating with Longaberger is easy! Change the look and feel of a room for every season. Mix in a few new baskets with your current décor and create a look all your own. Couldn’t be easier or more beautiful!



2012 Christmas Collection™ Drum Basket


Your Price $74.00


Autumn Woods Small Entertaining Basket


Your Price $59.00


2012 Thanksgiving Ornament


Your Price $25.00


Santa Hat Basket


Your Price $79.00


Santa Belly Beverage Basket


Your Price $59.00


Beverage Basket


Your Price $59.00


Autumn Woods Medium Entertaining Basket


Your Price $75.00


Autumn Woods Social Gathering Basket


Your Price $95.00



Crimson Hill Small Oval Bowl Basket


Your Price $54.00


Crimson Hill Large Oval Bowl Basket


Your Price $79.00


Little Rectangle Basket


Your Price $39.00


Little Round Basket


Your Price $39.00


NEW!Signature Plaid 8″ Round Basket


Your Price $109.00


NEW!Signature Plaid 10″ Round Basket


Your Price $119.00


NEW!Signature Plaid Large Market Basket


Your Price $249.00


Master’s Studio™ Heirloom Basket


Your Price $650.00


2012 Holiday Tie-On


Your Price $10.00


2012 Tree Trimming™ Little Drum Basket


Your Price $54.00



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