Longaberger Exclusives – Square Laundry Basket Back in Pink with WoodCrafts Lid!

Longaberger Exclusives – Square Laundry Basket Back in Pink with WoodCrafts Lid!

Square Laundry Basket – Back in Pink and now a Woodcrafts Lid also available!  Order online @ Roses Gift Ideas!

  • We’ve brought the Longaberger Square Laundry Basket back for a second appearance and it is now available in a Special Edition Pink with Rich Brown OR all your other favorite colors with Warm Brown.
  • The Square Laundry Basket with Protector is Only $99! Add a WoodCrafts Lid for $49!
  • This basket is BIG and has a beautiful, open weave bottom and leather handles for easy carrying.
  • It also has a WoodCrafts Lid! That’s right – available in Warm and Rich Brown and at a $20 savings for this one day only!
  • With the new WoodCrafts Lid, you can now store and organize in this BIG Basket!
  • P.s. Don’t miss out on the Longaberger Happy Holidays Basket! It’s Only $19 during October with every basket purchase!

Great Holiday Gifts Starting at $6 at Longaberger at home®

  • Shop online for great holiday items we have in store for you!
  • Create your holiday shopping list now and save some of your holiday cash when you shop early @ Roses Gift Ideas Your Longaberger Consultant
  • You have the opportunity to pick up 5 Gifts for under $50!
  • Holiday serving pieces up to 75% Off and Holiday Baskets with printed veneer for just $19 and $29
  • Shop the Longaberger at home Beautiful Bargains online for the entire selection! Quantity limits may apply in showrooms.

    Longaberger Consultant:  Rose M Vincent



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