Creating 140 American Jobs At Longaberger!

Creating 140 American Jobs At Longaberger!


Dear Customers/Consultants:
As we head into peak selling season, this is shaping up to be a remarkable year — the best year we’ve seen in quite awhile — thanks to you, your team members and our customers!  Unemployed?  Join our Team – We’re Hiring!!!  Contact Roses Gift Ideas Today for details.
I thought you would enjoy seeing some proof of how our momentum is growing …
At The 2012 BEE® we said we want to create more jobs in America. Thanks to you, we’re already doing it.
During the past two months, Longaberger has added 140 additional staff in one capacity or another at Longaberger! This job surge is a direct result of the sales and new recruits we are generating!
Of these new jobs we’ve created over the past couple of months:
We also had a successful internship program during the summer for students at local universities, where bright young people got a chance to explore career opportunities in our company.
And here’s yet another example of our growing momentum: Every year for more than a decade, our company has multiple times during the year temporarily stopped production, so we wouldn’t have more inventory than we needed. But this year — for the first time in many years — we have had NO temporary stops in manufacturing … because YOUR strong sales have led to full operation, every day!
As Project Eagle moves forward, I expect even more jobs to be created. NOW IS THE TIME to step on the accelerator … speed up our momentum … and spread the word about what Longaberger is doing. Meanwhile, you should be thrilled and proud at how our sales are creating more jobs for your fellow Americans!
With Warm Regards,
Rose M Vincent
Independent Longaberger Home Consultant


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