Updated Longaberger Product Retirement List 2013

Updated Longaberger Product Retirement List 2013

February 28, 2013


Updated Retirement List

Please note that our new Product Retirement List has been updated; the new list includes American Valor™ items and much more.

Shop online now @ Roses Gift Ideas before these items are gone forever.



Baskets & Accessories

American Valor™ Medium Market Basket and Lid Set

American Valor Star Basket and Lid Set

Birthday Basket Set and accessories

Hanging Seasons Basket

Party Tub Basket and accessories

Sort & Store Large Desktop™ Basket and accessories

Sort & Store Extra Small Rectangle Basket and accessories

Sort & Store Small Rectangle Basket and accessories

Sort & Store Large Rectangle Basket and accessories

Sort & Store TV Time™ Basket and accessories

Trellis Small Bowl Basket with Glass

Trellis Low Bowl Basket with Glass and accessories


Collectors Club

2012 Member Basket with Tie-On


Fabric & Accessories

Crimson Hill Napkins

Crimson Hill Placemats



Spinach Dip Mix



Carry Me Away Tote
Diaper Bag

Kiss & Make-Up Bag


Daydream fabric


Woven Traditions® Large Low Bowl

Woven Traditions Small Low Bowl

Woven Traditions Tasting Bowl w/Spoon

Woven Traditions Tasting Tray

Nature’s Tradition Set of 4 Bowls

Nature’s Tradition Set of 4 Plates

Nature’s Tradition Serving Bowl

Nature’s Tradition Tray



2012 Baby Tie-On


Wrought Iron

Foundry Candleholder

Foundry Nested Tables and WoodCrafts Shelves

Foundry Set of 2 Plate Stands and WoodCrafts Shelf

Hammered Metal Stand



Seasonal Fall & Winter WishList® Products


Baskets & Accessories

Autumn Woods Small Entertaining Basket

Autumn Woods Medium Entertaining Basket

Autumn Woods Social Gathering Basket

Crimson Hill Cake Basket w/Riser and Crimson Hill liner

Crimson Hill Small Oval Bowl Basket and accessories

Crimson Hill Large Oval Bowl Basket and accessories

Small Apples McIntosh, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious

Little Rectangle Basket and protector

Little Round Basket and protector

Medium Market Liner Crimson Hill

Long Market Liner Crimson Hill

Social Gathering Liner Crimson Hill

Master’s Studio™ Heirloom Basket


3″ x 6″ Pillar Cinnamon Spice Cider

3″ x 6″ Pillar Evergreen Orange

3″ x 6″ Pillar Maple Pumpkin Butter


Collectors Club

Firkin Basket and accessories

Pumpkin Basket and protector



Spiced Pumpkin Dessert Mix


Home Accents

Tall Outdoor Pumpkin

Small Outdoor Pumpkin



Addison Handbag



Halloween Fun Tie-On Set

Fall Leaves Tie-On Set

Holiday Tie-On Set


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