Longaberger Honoring All Our Veterans

Longaberger Honoring All Our Veterans

A Message From Tami Longaberger: Please Join In Honoring All Our Veterans This Weekend

Dear Longaberger Family Member/Customer:

As a nation, we set aside a special day to honor our veterans because, without their service and sacrifices along with the dedication of those in uniform today, America would not be free and could not maintain our freedom in a dangerous world.

While some veterans share stories about their service and others keep their memories locked inside, we know that all veterans have served and fought for something greater than themselves: to protect liberty against tyranny and terrorism. They stand guard on the ramparts so that we may live and work in peace.

As we recognize Veteran’s Day 2012, I ask everyone in our extended Longaberger Family to show appreciation to all veterans, and those currently in the military, for their courage and commitment. Please offer them all a heartfelt “thank you for my freedom.” Let us also remember that their families have made enormous sacrifices.

Veterans of all ages have earned our respect and high honor, for no other group of Americans has been asked to do more for their country.

May God bless our veterans, their families and our nation.

Tami Longaberger


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