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Huge Host Pottery Savings!

On any given month, Longaberger hosts can earn big savings—a half-price item can be selected with just a $150 show. But just look at what a $150 host can get in January:

  • A 12 Piece Soft Square Dinnerware Set – 4 Dinner Plates, 4 Small Bowls and 4 Mugs – just $136 as a half-price selection!
  • A 12 Piece Round Dinnerware Set – 4 Dinner Plates, 4 Soup & Salad Bowls and 4 Mugs – just $116 as a half-price selection!

AND — during January only, these pottery sets and selected current favorites are available in 9 retired colors, plus all 7 current Woven Traditions® colors.

Be sure to check the January 2013 Flyer for other host bundle savings — like the Host Desktop Bundle, Woven Traditions Accessory Bundle and Flameware™ 6-Piece Bundle!

Call Roses Gift Ideas or email me today to get the party started!


Past Favorites, New Colors

During January, your favorite retired Longaberger baskets are back in colors not available before! If you’ve been wanting modern colors for your reliable Longaberger Basket, this is your chance.

Many past favorites are included, like the Clip Keeper Basket, Stuck on You Basket, Kiddie Purse Basket and Extra Large Oval Waste Basket.

Also included is the Step It Up™ Basket, shaped to sit at the bottom of your staircase and manage those things you’ll take upstairs the next time you go up.


In addition to Warm Brown, Rich Brown and Black, these baskets can also be ordered in Deep Brown and Natural. When most of these baskets were first introduced, only one stain was offered – Classic. These very helpful baskets look amazing in the almost-white, completely unstained Natural coloring, and the very earthy-toned Deep Brown.

Click here to shop for your selection now @ Roses Gift  Ideas!


Special Order Pottery Event

January is an exciting time for you and your kitchen! During the Longaberger Special Order Pottery Event, you can add some new Woven Traditions colors and pottery pieces to your collection. Choose from 12 current pottery pieces and three retired pieces — the Cereal Bowl, Butter Dish and Bread Plate. And, available only in January, you can purchase our adorable newly-designed Cottage Creamer and Sugar Set. Each piece is available in all 7 current Woven Traditions colors, plus 9 retired colors.

Woven Traditions Pottery colors are perfect for mixing and matching. Have fun by adding a new color to your collection, replace pieces or add new ones. And remember, Woven Traditions pottery is dishwasher, microwave, oven, freezer and refrigerator safe.

Woven Traditions is known for its durability and beauty, and we’ve been setting America’s table for over 20 years! Ask anyone who owns Woven Traditions and they’ll tell you that it’s made to last – withstanding everyday use and looks just as beautiful as the day they received it. Use it every day and you’ll find yourself smiling every time you do.

Click here for more details.

A Basket Is Worth A Thousand Words

Especially if those words are expressions of love from the 2013 Sweetheart® Candy Basket Set with WoodCrafts Lid. This handcrafted basket set says “LOVE YOU” and “BE MINE” in three candy-pastel colors, just like the conversation heart candies people love to give on Valentine’s Day. The set includes the basket, a candy hearts fabric liner, protector and lid.

Click to order one Today for your Sweetheart @ Roses Gift Ideas!



New Collectors Club Basket!

The 2013 Collectors Club Member Basket has just been released. If you’re not a member yet, baskets like this one are the perfect reason to join. You may recognize the basket weave — it’s the same weave as our Signature Plaid, but in the traditional colors of Collectors Club. In fact, it’s the first basket to present this intricate weave in new colors.

Joining Collectors Club is easy, and there are many more perks in addition to the uniquely American handcrafted baskets. For example, the 2013 Collectors Club Gathering is coming in May. It’s gonna be a blast! Why not join today?
Click here to sign up.





Easy Guacamole

A delicious guac dip doesn’t have to be difficult. Serve up this easy, tasty dip at your “Big Game” party for a spicy snack everyone will love.  Order online @ Roses Gift Ideas.

Click here for other delicious recipes.




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