Longaberger March News

New WishList® + New Incentives = HUGE March!

The new Spring & SummerWishList selling season has arrived and to kick it off we’ve got great new product savings in our March Flyer on new products you’ll love! Check it out Today @ Roses Gift Ideas.

easter peepsIn addition, we’ve extended our Easter Collection of products including PEEPS® and the 2013 Easter Baskets through Sunday, March 17 — guaranteeing Easter delivery!

New Collectors Club Benefits Beginning March 1

Beginning March 1, 2013, Collectors Club members may use their host benefits on Collectors Club exclusives at the $150 show level. Also beginning March 1, hostesses may purchase a NEW Collectors Club membership with their host benefits. Now is the time for you to become a Collectors Club member or to host a home show. Call us to book your party today!

BIG Great American Picnic Celebration News

Have you registered your Hometown Picnic yet? When you register your Celebration, you will be entered into a drawing to win the new Masters Studio Picnic Basket — WOW! We can’t wait to see all the photos and video of each and every one of your Hometown Picnics! This is a great way for you to meet join our Longaberger Team, meet new customers and recruits!  Contact Roses Gift Ideas Home Consultant Now!

You will love this video (click on the image to watch)? If so, share it!!

Would you like to be part of unfurling the World’s Largest American Flag at Longaberger Homestead June 14 & 15? You can! We’ll have 3 different opportunities for you to earn the right to be help unfurl the flag. Your first opportunity is now!

  • We will draw registered tours beginning April 1 that are booked for Friday, June 14, or Saturday, June 15 – if we draw your tour, everyone on your tour will get to help unfurl the flag! To be eligible, you must have booked your tour by March 31! To book your tour, call Guest Relations at 740-322-5588.

Art Contest!
Do you have a young Picasso in your family? Well, it’s time to unveil their talent—Longaberger style! The theme is: What is your favorite family picnic tradition? And, it is the perfect way to encourage their artistic talents, and you can encourage them to show Longaberger Baskets in use! Contact Home Consultant Rose Vincent @ Roses Gift Ideas.  Artwork should be submitted by completing a form on the Great American Picnic Celebration site and then emailing a photo of the art to picnic@longaberger.com, March 1–17. Winners will be decided by voting (click to “like”) on the Longaberger Company Face book page, under Great American Picnic Celebration, March 21–31. The winner with the most “likes” will receive a Great American Picnic Celebration event basket filled with goodies!

Longaberger Live – First Stop — Orlando Florida

The first two of our “Come Home With US” Longaberger LIVE 2013 events are announced! Tami Longaberger and Claire Longaberger Kaido will make a LIVE stop in Orlando, FL on April 2, and then the Louisville, KY area on April 4. Join Tami, Claire and your extended Longaberger family for a fun gathering packed with products, prizes, fun and friends — including an exclusive event basket and free shipping for all orders placed that night. Grab a few friends, including potential recruits, and head to a gathering near you. Click here for more information.

Schedule Time to Host At Your Local Showrooms

Now is your chance to register time to host in your local Showroom … Contact Roses Gift Ideas Home Consultant Today!

Jeffersonville, Aurora, Birch Run, Grove City and Edinburgh

  • Managers and above may book times from March 4-6
  • Home Consultants may book times from March 11-13

Waterloo, Hagerstown, Rehoboth, Johnson Creek and Williamsburg

  • Managers and above may book times from March 7-8
  • Home Consultants may book times from March 14-15

Hosting At Longaberger Homestead® During Spring Fling

Everyone’s excited for the season opening of the Longaberger Homestead, and we’re celebrating with our annual Spring Fling event! We know you’re interested in hosting at our flagship Longaberger at home showroom during this very busy event, and we’ve created an incentive for you to earn the opportunity to host during Spring Fling. For every $1,000 in sales credit March 1-31, Home Consultants earn 1 point. For every qualified recruit March 1-31, Home Consultants earn 1 point (must have a minimum of 1 qualified recruit to be considered). The top 25 point earners get first choice in which day of Spring Fling they’d like to work.  For more info contact Roses Gift Ideas.

Collectors Club Events At A Showroom Near You

Come have some fun at our Aurora, Jeffersonville and Edinburgh Longaberger at homeShowrooms! Michael Kennedy will be doing some traveling this spring, and sharing a few things with members, like our new Collectors Club exclusives, and a sneak peek at Collectors Club goodies yet to come. He will bring a guest or two with him as well, and best of all, you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow club members. And, if you bring a friend who joins the club that day, they’ll get a special gift!

See the calendar of events for specific dates and times. We are now accepting reservations for the Aurora and Jeffersonville events. To RSVP, simply call 740.322.5588 or email guestrelations@longaberger.com.

Longaberger Partners With The Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

Longaberger was pleased to recently be a part of a special exhibit at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum. Longaberger artisans made an oversized basket for the museum in an exhibit aimed at making children feel as though they are living the life of a cat. You can take a look at a few children playing in the exhibit here, just click on the image.


February 14-18
Atlantis Incentive Trip

March 9
Collectors Club Event –
Aurora, OH
10 a.m. – Noon

March 23
Collectors Club Event –
Jeffersonville, OH
10 a.m. – Noon

April 2
Longaberger LIVE
Orlando, FL

April 4
Longaberger LIVE
Louisville, KY

April 6
Collectors Club Event –
Edinburgh, IN
10 a.m. – Noon

April 18
Longaberger Homestead® Opens

April 26-27
Spring Fling at Longaberger Homestead

May 3-4
Spring Fling at Longaberger Homestead

May 18
Collectors Club Gathering at Longaberger Homestead

June 14-15
Great American Picnic Celebration at Longaberger Homestead

July 25-27
BEE® 2013

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