March Into Spring With A New Longaberger WishList & More!


New Flameware!

We’re excited to introduce three new Flameware pieces this month. Our breakthrough extreme-temperature ceramic cookware makes healthy cooking even easier with these new pieces — an 8″ Skillet & Lid Set, larger 4 Quart Lidded Dutch Oven and Flameware Kettle.

All three new Flameware pieces work with the Medium and Large Everyday Essentials Baskets, and the 4-Quart Lidded Dutch Oven is a perfect fit inside a Medium Roundabout Basket. I’d love to tell you more about this innovative new cookware. Let me know when we can talk!

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Brought to you by Longaberger Consultant:
Rose M Vincent

Host A New WishList® Party!

Want to be among the first to show your friends the new Longaberger Spring & SummerWishList? Book a party today! We’ve introduced over 70 new items! The new WishList is full of beautiful new baskets, functional new pottery, three new Flameware pieces and lots of other great items for your home. And remember:

1. You can have an ONLINE SHOW and still receive host benefits!

2. Hosts get items at ½ price or FREE based on your party—half-price items start with just a $150 party!

Hosting a party is still the way to get the best deals on these unique Longaberger products. When can you host a party?  Contact Roses Gift Ideas Today for details.

Two BIG New Baskets On Sale

The new Longaberger WishList launched on March 1, and with it, two great new baskets — the Large Everyday Essentials Basket and Medium Everyday Essentials Basket. They’re both extremely versatile, smartly sized and on sale in March!

Made to fit all kinds of Woven Traditions™ Pottery and Flameware, these are definitely hard working baskets. And both are available in the new seasonal Perennial Garden weave with matching liner. Want them both? Host a show, and at the $350 level, you can get them both as a half-price item! Let me show you everything they work with — give me a call soon @ Roses Gift Ideas!

Click here for more details.

March Exclusives

If you own a Longaberger 8-in-1 Entertainer, you’re going to love our March Bonus Buy — the Woven Traditions® 4-in-1 Entertainer. It’s called the 4-in-1 Entertainer for its four most common uses; a roaster, covered dish, baking stone and bowl, but it can be used for much more. Purchase yours in March and save $10!

A new Small Glass Dome, shown here, fits it perfectly, and can be purchased separately.

Click to order one online now!

Host A Show Now And Earn A FREE BASKET!

What could be more fun than hosting a Longaberger show, and earning half-price or free products? How about MORE free products!

When you host just a $150 show in March, and have one or more of your guests book another show, you can receive this beautiful basket for free! Contact Roses Gift Ideas Longaberger Consultant today for details.

Collectors Club Exclusives

Introducing the Collectors Club Clay Pot Basket! This clever creation honors our American pottery legacy in ways you might not notice at first. It’s clearly a basket made to look like a clay pot — a very interesting way to display a floral arrangement.

What you might not know is the history behind the top on this basket. In the early 1900s, floral “frogs” made from pottery were very popular as decorative items. The pottery lid on this basket is a floral frog. They typically had holes for flower arranging, and sat above a pottery piece that could hold water. Beyond that, they could be just about anything!

Launched with the new WishList this month, the Clay Pot Basket honors the American pottery heritage that’s been so top-of-mind at Longaberger lately. Both the pottery top and base are made in the U.S.A., as are all Collectors Club creations, and the basket is, of course, made by Longaberger in Ohio.

If you’re not yet a Collectors Club member, this is a good year to join! The Collectors Club Gathering is in May this year, and the theme is “Hooray for Hollywood!” Club members enjoy exclusive savings throughout the year, in addition to beautiful, creative one-of-a-kind baskets that truly are a benchmark of American craftsmanship. To join, or to find out more, just ask me!

Sweet & Spicy Sloppy Joes

In honor of our 3 new Flameware pieces, here’s a quick and easy, nice and spicy recipe using the Flameware 11 ½” Skillet. Enjoy!


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