A Message from Tami Longaberger


Message from Tami Longaberger


March 15, 2013

Dear Member of the Longaberger Family:

I am very happy to tell you that the step I announced on January 11, for The Longaberger Company to move forward by becoming the first to join a public family of direct selling companies, has been successfully completed.

We are now officially part of the exciting strategy within the public-traded company called CVSL. This means that Longaberger employees, Home Consultants, Hostesses, Collectors Club members and even customers will have an opportunity to join us as owners of the American Dream!!

As I said in January, it’s especially meaningful that we could take this step during our 40th anniversary year. I know that my Dad would be very proud – and that he is cheering us on.

As I explained in my January note to you, The Longaberger Company will continue to operate as we always have – as its own company. Our team, our baskets and other wonderful things in our line, our showrooms, The Homestead – everything about who we are and what we stand for – continues as before. Project Eagle continues to fly high, as we work to bring our full line back to made in America. And I am happy to assure you that I am committed to continue as your president and CEO for many years to come.

For The Longaberger Company, being part of a public company means, among other good things, access to capital, the potential to extend our reach into global markets, and the opportunity for you to become shareholders. We’ll give you more detailed information when we can.

Meanwhile, I appreciate the enthusiastic support and encouragement that we’ve gotten for this very positive step, which opens up so many opportunities for our company’s future. The Longaberger Company has been a leader in so many ways over the years. It feels good to be leading the way once again!

With Warmest Regards,

Tami Longaberger


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