2013 Longaberger Great American Picnic

2013 Longaberger Great American Picnic


Celebrate A Great American Tradition — Longaberger Style!

Picnics are an American tradition — nothing says summer like homemade goodies tucked inside a handcrafted Longaberger Picnic Basket. In 2013, Longaberger is taking picnics to a new level, helping you and your team members get in front of new customers and potential recruits!

The goal is for you to host picnics from coast to coast this summer — here’s how you and your teams can be a part of it:

  • Plan to bring a group to Longaberger Homestead and be a part of the ultimate picnic celebration on June 14 or 15.
  • Plan a community picnic in your hometown. See the Planning A Perfect Picnic link at right.
  • Plan to do both!

Our exclusive Great American Picnic Celebration Picnic Basket will include a donation to Fisher House. If you would like to make a direct donation to Fisher House, please click here.

The Great American Picnic Celebration at Longaberger Homestead is Flag Day Weekend (June 14-15). To celebrate, we’ll be unfurling the World’s Largest American Flag! This flag is 255 feet by 505 feet — almost two football fields long!

Refer back to this site often for more great celebration news and tips!

To learn more about what other attractions are in the area and for a list of hotels please visit the following;



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