On Memorial Day to honor and remember our fallen heroes who gave everything defending our country, during this sale we’re donating all Longaberger sale proceeds to the Wounded Warrior program.  Support This Great Cause Today!
How Can We Assist You?  Do you need assistance in ordering online? – If so, contact Us anytime.
  • Pictured is the Great American Picnic Celebration Basket $64.95 on Sale $45.46!!! Spring basket form – Add divided protector great for utensils and napkins at your next potluck!! Add Engraved lid.  The Adorable Hat is available through Collector’s Club and not Lonagaberger at Home.30% OFF EVERYTHING – SHOP NOW THRU MAY 27TH


Medium Oval Platter $30 – Sale $18
  • Carry meat to/from the grill, serve fruits, veggies, summer drinks, appetizers.
  • Gorgeous way to organize your vanity.
  • Create a table scape by adding candles and seasonal decor.
Small Oval Platter  $20 – Sale $12
  • Same ideas as above, on a smaller scale.
  • Perfect place to keep your salt & pepper shakers in the middle of your table.
  • Great sandwich plates.

Basket, 4 way Protector & Cutting Board Lid Set $75 – Sale $44

  • Hold fruits to garnish drinks.
  • Divided protector is perfect for serving a variety of dips.
  • Perfect size for organizing small items in the kitchen or craft room.
  • Bathroom for hair or makeup items–use the lid in your kitchen.
  • Two gifts in one! Give the basket with protector as one gift, add gourmet cheese to the lid as the second gift!SHOP WED, MAY 22 TO TUES, MAY 28
Small Laundry w/Protector $229 on SALE $124
*store towels, toys, sports equipment
*newspapers for recycling
*great for shoes!
*add ice & your favorite beverages
*store pillows, blankets
*store firewood by the hearth

Available in Americana Stain too
Leather Bags 40% Off
On the Veranda Baskets
Set $176 Sale $84 – Don’t forget protectors
Small Treasure Basket Ideas:
  • hold coffee filters, cocktail napkins, coasters
  • make up in bathroom, hair accessories
  • throw in pocket change and keys
  • vitamin bottles, holds jewelry near sink or bedside
Medium Treasure Basket Ideas:
Made in America!! Means jobs in America too!
  • The American products are from our May feature flyer so order yours today or let me assist you!

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