Longaberger American Made Pottery

Longaberger American Made Pottery

Proudly American Made Pottery at Longaberger.


We’re proud to be crafting Woven Traditions Pottery ourselves at our new Longaberger® Pottery Works in Buffalo, New York, where our partner has been making pottery for over 100 years. The products listed here are made with pride by Longaberger craftspeople in this historic facility.

A promise fulfilled. A mission complete. Longaberger Woven Traditions® Pottery is back in the U.S.A. Just one year after Tami Longaberger announced Project Eagle—a pledge to bring all product manufacturing back to America—the first step of this exciting project is complete.  Delivery is estimated to begin late August.  Order Yours Today @ Roses Gift Ideas.

NEW! Medium Ware Basket


Regular Price  $139.00
Your Price $69.00


Woven Traditions®
12-Piece Dinnerware Set


Your Price $240.00


Woven Traditions®
16-Piece Dinnerware Set


Your Price $336.00


Single Woven Traditions® Dinner Plate


Your Price $28.00


Single Woven Traditions® Luncheon Plate


Your Price $24.00


Single Woven Traditions® Mug


Your Price $16.00






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