Longaberger August 2013 News

Longaberger August 2013 News

August Sales Updates

We have important news to share with you regarding your August sales, delivery of products and new opportunities. Please see below:

August Features/Halloween

You are doing a fantastic job selling our August feature items – the BOO! Basket Set, the Wicked Witch Basket Set and the Large and Small Pumpkins. That is the good news. The downside is some elements of these products – the BOO! Basket Ghost Pottery Topper and the Wicked Witch Handle – are made overseas. As a result of our efforts to move all products to Made in America, we are unable to re-order these components in a timely manner. The manufacturers simply will not make them a priority. Therefore, when existing inventory of these items is depleted, they will no longer be available. Also, we are removing them from the Sample List as of today.

Made In America Pottery

We also want to make you aware of the status of our delivery of products from the Longaberger Pottery Works® in Buffalo, NY. Niagara Pottery, the owner of the facility where our pottery line is housed, is currently in the process of being purchased by another company. As a result of that situation, our pottery production has been slowed substantially.

Moving our pottery production to America is a significant undertaking. While the situation at Niagara is an additional complication, we also are experiencing some challenges in producing pottery to our high quality standards. However, we will not release pottery that is not of Longaberger quality. As Tami Longaberger said at The BEE®, there will be some bumps in the road during this transition, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we bring our products back to America. As with the August feature items, we will be removing Made in America Pottery pieces from the Sample List as of today.

For the time being, we will not be shipping any Made in America Pottery. We also cannot provide an estimate for when deliveries will commence, but we will provide you with a weekly status update on Roses Gift Ideas.

Basket Deliveries

We are happy to report that our Basketmaking Team is working full-time to get all baskets to you as quickly as possible. We expect all baskets currently on order to be delivered before August 31.

Special Order Pottery

As noted earlier this month, we anticipate all Special Order Pottery will be delivered by the end of September.

August Bonus Promotion!

There is also good news regarding the remaining sales days of this month. On the heels of our very popular Medium Ware Basket promotion, we are now happy to announce a Half-Price Small and Medium Roundabout Basket offer from August 17-31. When your customers purchase ANY retiring item at a party or online, they can add the Small or Medium Roundabout Basket for HALF-PRICE!

What a great way to help you promote our full line of retiring items from the Spring-Summer WishList! Click here for a complete list. And remember to tell your customers they can get the Small or Medium Roundabout at half-price, just by making any Longaberger retiring item purchase! Click here for a list of retiring items.

New Sales Opportunities!

We’ve got more BIG plans for your Fall and Holiday selling seasons. We are now happy to announce …

  • The September Host-Only Autumn Roads Tote Basket will be added to the Sample List beginning Saturday, August 17. In addition, we’ve added more core line items – specifically baskets – to the Sample List.
  • Based on your feedback, we’ll be offering a second option to this year’s Christmas Collection baskets. Customers can purchase the baskets with the Plaid Tidings ribbon or without the ribbon, as shown in this photo. Additionally, we are now offering a plain WoodCrafts lid.  These items also will be available as samples beginning Saturday, August 17.
    Item numbers for all baskets are as follows:
2013 Christmas Collection Plaid Tidings Baskets – without Plaid Tidings trim Item # Retail
Basket – Red 1280422 $72
Basket – Green 1280436 $72
WoodCrafts Lid – Warm Brown (no knob) 5713539 $32
2013 Holiday Host Large Plaid Tidings Baskets – without Plaid Tidings trim
Basket – Red 1280322 $115
Basket – Green 1280336 $115
WoodCrafts Lid – Warm Brown (no knob) 5190839 $45
2013 Tree Trimming Small Plaid Tidings Baskets – without Plaid Tidings trim
Basket – Red 1280522 $56
Basket – Green 1280536 $56
WoodCrafts Lid – Warm Brown (no knob) 5190939 $16

Sales & Sponsoring Incentives – August 2013

For the New Recruit – Contact Roses Gift Ideas Independent Consultant to Join Our Team Today.

$1,000 Monthly Sales Incentive (August 1-31)

  • Just For Business credits $100 ($125 for BEE attendees)

Hawaii Trip Incentive

Every Home Consultant who sells $500 in the month of August will receive a “scratch and win” e-card with chances to win additional upgrades, prizes and more in Hawaii. Grand prize is a room upgrade to a suite! Additional prizes include:

  • Spa Appointments
  • Free Drinks
  • Room Credits
  • Room Upgrade
  • Welcome amenity waiting for you in your room when you arrive
  • Room Service for Breakfast
  • Hiking with Tami and/or Claire Longaberger

Hawaii Trip Extension

If you are planning to earn the fabulous Hawaii trip, then you need to earn this fabulous 2-day extension. As a reminder, the earning period for this extension ends August 31.

Hosting At Homestead For Heritage Days

  • Home Consultants can earn a hosting spot at Heritage Days at Longaberger Homestead.
  • For every $1,000 in sales credit, Home Consultants earn 1 point. For every qualified recruit, Home Consultants earn 1 point (must have a minimum of 1 qualified recruit to be considered). Top 10 Point earners get first choice in hosting Heritage Days on September 7, 2013.

REMINDER! Hot Holiday Cash

The Top 10 sellers of Flameware from June 19–August 31 will win Hot Holiday Cash to kick off their holiday shopping season. The following cash prizes will be awarded to those Home Consultants who sell the MOST PIECES of Flameware June 19–August 31:

  • #1 Seller awarded $1,000 cash
  • #2 Seller awarded $500 cash
  • #3 Seller awarded $250 cash
  • #4 through #10 Sellers awarded $100 cash each

Visit Roses Gift Ideas for complete details.

CVSL News Update

Welcome To Agel! – Soon To Be The 4th Member Of Our CVSL Family

Soon we’ll have another sister company in our CVSL family, along with Longaberger, Your Inspiration At Home and Tomboy Tools.

CVSL and Agel Enterprises announced on August 14 that they have signed a letter of intent for Agel to become part of CVSL. Agel has a line of nutritional gel supplement products and also a line of skin care products in 40 countries around the world. Agel’s skin care products are sold under the brand Ageless.

“Each of the direct selling companies that are part of CVSL represents an important and distinct category,” said John Rochon, chairman of CVSL. “The first companies include home furnishings with The Longaberger Company, gourmet foods with Your Inspiration At Home, and home improvement and home security with Tomboy Tools. Agel will allow us to add not only a fourth company but also two additional major categories: nutritional products and skin care.”

For Longaberger, one of the most exciting things about this is that Agel’s global presence gives us new opportunities to bring Longaberger products to the world over the coming years.

Another big benefit for Longaberger Home Consultants is that the CVSL “buying club” is growing … and, as members of the CVSL family, you will be able to get a “family discount” on products from any and all of the other CVSL companies! So, the more companies that become part of CVSL, the better for you!

Plus, as Tami Longaberger explained at this year’s BEE, Longaberger Home Consultants will have the freedom, if they wish, to sell from one or more of our sister CVSL companies while keeping their place in our Longaberger family … besides the “family discount” on products from our sister companies.

As we also shared at the Bee, you’ll be able to earn stock in CVSL, for selling and recruiting growth in your business … a chance to create wealth for your family, in addition to what you earn through your Career Plan.  Contact Roses Gift Ideas Today to Join our Sales Team.

Longaberger Rewards Program Is Drawing Attention

The Longaberger Rewards Program, featuring a credit card that lights up and lets you earn credit toward Longaberger Rewards with every purchase, is drawing attention from Longaberger Home Consultants and the national media.

With the ePlate card from Longaberger, you can earn points toward a Longaberger gift certificate or even a FREE Basket every time you swipe your card!More than 400 Home Consultants have already signed up for the Longaberger Rewards card. The benefits are amazing!

  • You (and your hosts and customers) earn Longaberger Rewards (and 50+ other rewards, including air miles or even cash back) for something you are already doing — using a credit card, at a gas station, a grocery store … wherever.
  • You earn those rewards faster and at a higher rate than most cards. Earn 1.5% per $1,000 on the no-fee card and 3% on the fee card!
  • It’s a terrific business building tool! When the card lights up, it is a sure conversation starter wherever you are.
  • When your hosts or customers sign up, they will redeem their Longaberger Rewards with you, and that means steady repeat business.  Call Roses Gift Ideas for more details.

Fox News was captivated by the Longaberger Rewards Program card, and featured it and the company who created it, Dynamics, Inc., on its web site. Click here to see.

Heritage Days — Come Join Us For Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun!

Every September our Longaberger Heritage Days is a great kick-off to the Fall season! This year’s event will be all new and more interactive, with plenty to see and do for the entire family. There will be:

  • Exclusive Heritage Days Make A Basket
  • Musical entertainment (Grassahol)
  • Silent auction, Exclusive Heritage Way Baskets and hundreds of other products
  • Heritage Day Market Vendors, (click here for the Vendor Participation Agreement, due by Aug. 23, 2013)
  • Enter our Pie-Baking Contest (click here for additional information and an entry form). Limited to first 10 applications in each category. Great prizes!
  • Other contests with prizes include Corn Shucking and Corn Hole
  • Chicken BBQ
  • Antique tractor show
  • Kids games & Matt the Balloon Guy
  • Hourly Door prizes & Grand Prize (set of 4 exclusive Heritage Day Baskets)
  • And of course, there will be SHOPPING! In celebration of Longaberger’s 40th Anniversary we are featuring the HERITAGE DAYS HOMESTEAD SALE – 40% OFF EVERYTHING*! (*40% off sale only applies to Longaberger Homestead at homebuilding products. Excludes the 2013 Woven Memories® Baskets, Retired Fabric Liners $4.40 & lower and Vault items.)

Click here for the Event Agenda, Heritage Days Market Vendor Agreement & Pie Baking Contest Application. We recommend that you make a reservation to make your own Heritage Days Basket by calling Guest Relations @740.322.5588.

Get Ready For The Fall/Holiday Selling Season

September and the rest of 2013 are going to be extra special for Longaberger Home Consultants! We have a wonderful collection of Fall and Holiday items for your Hosts and customers, for decorating, for gift-giving, for all occasions!

Be sure to visit myLongaberger.com at 8 pm, ET, on Thursday, September 12, for our Holiday Premiere! We will be revealing all the incredible items you will have to share in November and December. Plus we will be announcing our Hot Holiday Cash winners. This assortment of characters looks forward to seeing you then as we answer the question … Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?!

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