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Longaberger News

Australia Welcomes Longaberger!

Tami, Claire Longaberger and the entire A-Team have just returned for an exciting trip down under! For those who followed their travel on Facebook you know that Longaberger Australia is off to a great start! Australian customers love Longaberger products, especially entertaining related baskets and pottery.

Although our original team is back in the USA, Longaberger will continue to grow down under! In fact we welcomed 52 new Australian Longaberger Home Consultants who joined last week.  Contact Longaberger Consultant Rose Vincent @ Roses Gift Ideas and join our team today.  We are recruiting New Consultants in Australia Now!

Click here for everything you need to know about Longaberger in Australia.

Project Eagle Update

Bringing You The Pottery To Sell For The Paycheck You Want, For Fall And Holiday

As communicated last week, Project Eagle and Made in America continues to be our mission and our goal. We knew that this journey wouldn’t be an easy one, but with your support our commitment and determination to returning to a fully 100% Made in America product line is stronger than ever.

Until our American-made pottery can be made at the level of quality that we and you expect, and at the necessary volumes, to ensure that you have a strong fall and holiday selling season we will continue to accept and fill pottery orders using our international suppliers – the same high quality Woven Traditions® that you have known and loved for years. This means that you as customers can order any and all pottery featured in the flyers and WishList® and at a lower price than shown in the literature.

Longaberger president Mike Tempe has had personal conversations with our international suppliers and they have stepped up their commitment to delivering Longaberger customers the products they desire in the colors and quantities they want. Some of this pottery is already onsite and can be shipped immediately; the rest is in production now. We are working hard to make sure that pottery ordered will be in your hands by Christmas.

Click here for Project Eagle FAQs.


Longaberger Rewards Program Is Drawing Attention

The Longaberger Rewards Program, featuring a credit card that lights up and lets you earn credit toward Longaberger Rewards with every purchase, is drawing attention from Longaberger Home Consultants and the national media.

With the ePlate card from Longaberger, you can earn points toward a Longaberger gift certificate or even a FREE Basket every time you swipe your card!More than 400 Home Consultants have already signed up for the Longaberger Rewards card. The benefits are amazing!  Contact Independent Consultant Rose Vincent @ Roses Gift Ideas to become a Longaberger Consultant today.

You (and your hosts and customers) earn Longaberger Rewards (and 50+ other rewards, including air miles or even cash back) for something you are already doing — using a credit card, at a gas station, a grocery store … wherever.

You earn those rewards faster and at a higher rate than most cards. Earn 1.5% per $1,000 on the no-fee card and 3% on the fee card!

It’s a terrific business building tool! When the card lights up, it is a sure conversation starter wherever you are.
When your hosts or customers sign up, they will redeem their Longaberger Rewards with you, and that means steady repeat business.

Fox News was captivated by the Longaberger Rewards Program card, and featured it and the company who created it, Dynamics, Inc., on its web site. Click here to see.

Coffee Club

Did you know … the Longaberger Coffee Club has changed to better service our customers? When new customers subscribe to the Club, they can for as little as $20 and will receive 3 ½ lb bags of Longaberger Private Reserve coffee shipped fresh directly to their door every month. Current Club subscribers will be adjusted to the 3 bags and be charged the new lower amount on their next shipment.  Join the Longaberger Coffee Club Today @ Roses Gift Ideas.

Heritage Days — Come Join Us For Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun!

After the crazy days of summer, Longaberger hosts one of our favorite events of the year, Heritage Days. The event will be held on September 7, 2013. Come celebrate our basketmaking heritage and help us start new traditions. There will be an exclusive Heritage Basket you can make or buy pre-made, place your bid at the silent auction with hundreds of special products, shop the “NEW” expanded Vault (opening Heritage Days) and find the perfect holiday gift at our 40% off sale! There will be plenty of fun with the contests, door prizes, demos/tastings and musical entertainment taking place throughout the day!

Don’t forget the delicious food! A Chicken BBQ, Bean Soup & Cornbread and apple cobbler served in Longaberger Pottery.

Click here for the Event Agenda, Heritage Days Market Vendor Agreement & Pie Baking Contest Application. We recommend that you make a reservation to make your own Heritage Days Basket by calling Guest Relations at 740.322.5588.

October Brings Horizon of Hope® Events

October is national Breast Cancer awareness month which is the perfect time to celebrate your success with the Horizon of Hope campaign with our annual Pink Week! While there are fun festivities happening all week long at Longaberger Homestead – the week features two very special events.

The Horizon of Hope Dinner will be held October 3 at the Home Office. Here we will celebrate some very special women who have faced breast cancer head on. We invite all Longaberger Consultants to nominate the women in your lives who have faced this diagnosis while embracing life with energy and determination, to receive an invitation to attend. Please send nominations to thinkpink@longaberger.com by Sunday, September 15.

We also are holding our annual Race For Hope 5K. Last year we had more runners and walkers participate than ever before. And we know this is an event that will grow with each coming year.

Join us for the race, health fair, entertainment and help support breast cancer research and programs.

For more information on the Race for Hope or other great activities at the Longaberger Homestead, click here.



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