Longaberger News – Shhhhh! Secret Santa Surprises For October Hosts

Longaberger News – Shhhhh! Secret Santa Surprises For October Hosts

Longaberger October News – Shhhhh! Secret Santa Surprises

Special Order Pottery Update

It was all hands on deck as the Special Order Pottery arrived in our shipping department. The Longaberger Team worked around the clock and through the weekend to get this long-awaited product out the door and on its way to your customers.

Together with the help of people from all over the company our shipping team shipped out 99% of the pottery by September 30 as promised!

ThumbnailLongaberger Daily Buzz
If you love quality American craftsmanship or if you could use a little help making your fall decorating and entertaining more special — then Longaberger is for you. From quality crafted baskets and pottery that work perfectly together to the whimsy of their fun features Longaberger has something for everyone. Shop their entire product line, with 12 colors of baskets and 7 colors of pottery, or learn about starting your own Longaberger business at longaberger.com.  Contact Roses Gift Ideas to become a Longaberger Consultant.  Click to View video.

Pottery Status Chart Online NOW

We are pleased to confirm that many of our Woven Traditions® Pottery pieces, now being fulfilled using our international suppliers, are in stock and shipping to our customers. The remaining pieces are in production and on track to be delivered by Christmas guarantee. For a complete and up-to-date chart on the status of individual pieces simply clicking here.

October Offers & Incentives

For Longaberger Hosts!
October Hosts will get a special surprise in October, their Secret Santa, with their qualifying party. Hosts with parties of $350, $500, $1,000 or $1,500 or more in guest sales will receive a mystery gift of retired treasures valued at $35-150! PLUS, one lucky Host at each of the Party levels below will receive the 2013 Masters‘ Studio Picnic Basket as their mystery gift! Remember these extra surprises are in addition to the incredible everyday Host benefits from Longaberger!  Contact Roses Gift Ideas for details to Host a Show Today!

Everyday Host Rewards October Host Bonus!
Retired treasures with …
Bonus Item No.
$350 Party 2 Half Price Selections & $50 Host Dollars Approximate value of $35 #69990
$500 Party 2 Half Price Selections & $80 Host Dollars* Approximate value of $50 #69991
$1,000 Party 3 Half Price Selections & $200 Host Dollars* Approximate value of $100 #69992
$1,500 Party 3 Half Price Selections & $300 Host Dollars* Approximate value of $150 #69993
* Plus free shipping on Host order

Click here for an ecard on this great offer.


Online Offers

Periodically we review the effectiveness of our various offers and features along with the way your customers like to shop. To ensure that our weekly online offers have the biggest and best impact, beginning Wednesday, October 9, these special offers will go back to being marketed as 1-day offers available from 12 noon, ET, on Wednesday to noon on Thursday. They will then remain active online for the following 24 hours, as long as inventory is still available, for customers who may have missed it. As usual…Order these weekly deals online @ Roses Gift Ideas.

[Agel Enterprises, LLC logo]CVSL Acquires Agel

CVSL, Longaberger’s parent company, announced yesterday that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Agel, a direct seller of nutritional supplements and skin care products. Because you are a member of the extended Longaberger family, we wanted to share the press release detailing this exciting development with you and our Longaberger customers.  Click here to see the press release.

Just Slide … And Get Noticed!

With the ePlate card from Longaberger, you can earn points toward a Longaberger gift certificate or even a FREE Basket every time you swipe your card!The Longaberger Rewards Program, featuring a credit card that lights up and lets you earn credit toward Longaberger Rewards with every purchase, is drawing attention from Longaberger Home Consultants and their customers. More than 700 Home Consultants have already applied for the Longaberger Rewards card.

Senior Director Delores Douglass was one of the first to sign up for the card and she says it definitely gets noticed every time she uses it! “I love my new Dynamics ePlate VISA card. It’s fun to watch the cashier’s face when I light up my card. Without fail, they will ask, ‘what is this?’ I am always prepared with at least a business card or even better a flyer. My response is something like this:

“It’s new technology that lets me personalized my card to earn the rewards that I want. For example, the button I just pushed will earn me free Longaberger products, or I can choose airline miles by pushing the other button. I know you are busy now; however, I’d like to give you a flyer with just some of the products that Longaberger offers. My contact information is on the back and I’d love to tell you more, and also how you can get your own personalized VISA card to earn rewards when you shop.

The benefits are amazing!

  • You (and your hosts and customers) earn Longaberger Rewards (and 50+ other rewards, including air miles or even cash back) for something you are already doing — using a credit card, at a gas station, a grocery store … wherever.
  • You earn those rewards faster and at a higher rate than most cards. Earn 1.5% per $1,000 on the no-fee card and 3% on the fee card!
  • It’s a terrific business building tool! When the card lights up, it is a sure conversation starter wherever you are.
  • When your hosts or customers sign up, they will redeem their Longaberger Rewards.

Click here for more details on this special opportunity.

Showroom Updates

The Longaberger at home® showrooms are unique in the direct sales industry. The showrooms are another way to introduce customers to Longaberger and to help Home Consultants build their business.

In the practice of good business, we monitor each showroom’s performance individually. Some showrooms are more successful than others, which is a result of many factors. Each location is different and each is evaluated based on its own performance. Successful showrooms will continue, while the lease on unprofitable showrooms won’t be renewed.

We have extended the lease on two of our showrooms: Aurora, OH and Edinburgh, IN, and will not be renewing the lease on two unprofitable showrooms: Birch Run, MI and Johnson Creek, WI. We plan to operate these two showrooms through Sunday, October 27, 2013.

Showroom Hosts who have time booked after October 27 at Birch Run and Johnson Creek may contact Guest Relations to replace their time slot if they wish. Those same Hosts will also have one week of time to book for early 2014, to schedule Host time at any of our other showrooms, including Longaberger Homestead®, before we open for general booking.


Product Updates

The correct item number for the 4.5″ KnifeSafe is #90470. There was an error on page 5 of the printed version of the November Flyer. Please be aware of the correct item number when entering any orders for the 4.5″ KnifeSafe.

On page 9 of the Fall/Winter WishList, the number for the Artisan Napkin Basket Protector is incorrect. The correct item number, #40084 is shown accurately in the index on page 46. The online version of the Fall/Winter WishList has been updated.

October Brings Horizon of Hope® Events

October is national Breast Cancer awareness month which is the perfect time to celebrate your success with the Horizon of Hope campaign with our annual Pink Week! While there are fun festivities happening all week long at Longaberger Homestead – the week features two very special events.

The Horizon of Hope Dinner will be held Thursday, October 3, at the Home Office. The evening will celebrate very special women who have faced breast cancer head on and those who earned an invitation by being among this year’s top Horizon of Hope sellers.

Then, Saturday brings our annual Race For Hope 5K Run/Walk. Join us for the race, health fair, entertainment all to support breast cancer research and programs. For more information on the Race for Hope or other great activities at the Longaberger Homestead, click here.



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