Longaberger Fall & Winter WishList® Retirements

Fall & Winter WishList® Retirements

Fall & Winter WishList Retirements – February 28, 2014


In the continuing spirit of simplifying our business to help our consultants be successful, Longaberger will be retiring more products than originally communicated in the Fall & Winter WishList. In addition, some products previously marked retiring will remain in our active product line.

Discussions with our Sales Directors to review the entire Longaberger product line and refine the list of retirements is important while supporting our key objectives of simplification, improving delivery time and reducing backorders.  Longaberger customers are very important and we strive to bring the quality you desire….Order these great products while these items supplies last @ Roses Gift Ideas.

Click here for the Updated Retirement List;

Baskets & Accessories
Woven Traditions Weave Pattern
Small American Pride Basket
Small Entertaining Basket and Accessories
Medium Entertaining Basket and Accessories
Family Tissue Basket and Accessories
Holds It All Basket and Accessories
Little 4” x 8” Basket and Protector
Small Stow Away Basket – Redesigning handles
Medium Stow Away Basket – Redesigning handles
Large Stow Away Basket and Accessories
Stuck On You Basket and Accessories
Small Waste Basket and Accessories
Cake Basket with Small Riser and *Liner
Medium Gathering Basket and *Accessories
Medium Market Basket and *Liner
Large Market Basket and *Liner
Small Square Waste Basket and *Liner

American Valor™ Collection
4” x 6” WoodCrafts Frame
Circle of Courage Basket and Accessories
WoodCrafts Cutting Board
WoodCrafts Napkin Holder
Artisan Collection
Small Server Basket and Protector
Medium Server Basket and Protector
Autumn Roads
Artisan Bread Basket
Artisan Napkin Basket
Artisan Spring™ Basket
Collectors Club

2013 Member Basket and Accessories
Antiqued Medium Bushel Basket and Accessories
Bittersweet Basket and Protector
2013 Christmas Collection™ Plaid Tidings Basket and Accessories
Set of 2 Plaid Tidings Napkins
Set of 2 Plaid Tidings Placemats
*2013 Holiday Tie-On

Signature Plaid Collection
Business Card Basket
Note Pal Basket and *Fabric Covered Container
Large Market Basket
Medium Organizer Basket and Accessories
Large Organizer Basket and Accessories
Pencil Basket
Tapered Paper Tray Basket and *Fabric Covered Container
*Set of 2 Signature Plaid Napkins
*Set of 2 Signature Plaid Placemats
Special Occasion
2013 Birthday 4” x 6” WoodCrafts Frame
2013 Birthday Basket and Accessories
*2013 Baby Tie-On

Welcome Home Collection
Oval Spring™ Basket and Protector
Oval Tray Basket and Protector
Take Along Basket and Protector
WoodCrafts Star Cutting Board
Set of 3 WoodCrafts Americana Stars
*Welcome Home Small Bowl
*Welcome Home Round Platter

Fabric Accessories
*Set of 2 Napkins
Food & Coffee
*3-Pack Longaberger Private Reserve Flavored Coffee
*3-Pack Longaberger Private Reserve Pure Arabica Coffee
Longaberger Coffee Club
*Bacon Cheddar Burger Seasoning
*Cheesy Bacon Dip Mix
*Garlic Rosemary Seasoning Blend
*Hearty Beer Bread Mix
*Perfect Pizza Dough Mix
*South of the Border Mix
*Spiced Pumpkin Dessert Mix
*Sweet & Spicy Salsa
*White Chocolate Amaretto Mix

Home Accents
*3” x 6” Pillar Candle—All scents

2013 Holiday Host™ Large Plaid Tidings Basket and Accessories
Host Casserole and Server Bundle
“L” Collection
Arcadia Bag
Winslow Tote
*Small Glass Dome
*10½” Glass Dome
Longaberger Stainless Steel Mug
Bread Board
Carving Board
Small Cheese Board
Cheese Board
Pizza Rocker
Woven Traditions® Pottery
Butternut Pottery
Chocolate Pottery
4” x 4” Lidded Dish
4” x 8” Lidded Dish
Cheese & Cracker Tray
Coffee Carafe
Dip Bowl
Set of 2 Spreaders
Small Square Canister
Medium Square Canister
Large Square Canister
Stay Put Small Mixing Bowl
Stay Put Large Mixing Bowl
4-Piece Dinnerware Set – Repackaging
12-Piece Dinnerware Set – Repackaging
16-Piece Dinnerware Set
4-Piece Soft Square Dinnerware Set – Repackaging
12-Piece Soft Square Dinnerware Set – Repackaging
16-Piece Soft Square Dinnerware Set
All Four-Color Dinnerware Sets
Wrought Iron
*Hurricane Stand
*Leaning Bookshelf
*Set of 2 Trivets
Business Card Basket (Warm Brown, Rich Brown, Black) and Protector
Note Pal Basket (Warm Brown, Rich Brown, Black) and Protector
Pencil Basket (Warm Brown, Rich Brown, Black) and Protector
Tapered Paper Tray (Warm Brown, Rich Brown, Black) and Protector
Artisan Bread Basket (Warm Brown, Rich Brown, Black)
Set of 2 Autumn Roads Quilted Placemats
Autumn Roads 16” Fabric Square
Woven Traditions Handled Platter
Woven Traditions Soft Square Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Wrought Iron Desktop Organizer
*While Supplies Last!
**Items are no longer retiring.
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