Longaberger January Specials

Longaberger January Specials

Online Special  Roses Gift IdeasLongaberger January Specials!

You won’t want to miss these specials! Check out our super weekly online sales and savings on our monthly feature products right here! But, hurry! They’re around for a limited time only!  Order online @ Roses Gift Ideas.

50% OFF Flameware® Sale! While supplies last.

Click Here for the most current Flameware Availability Grid.


Take Along Basket w/ $49 Purchase


Regular Price  $85.00
Your Price $49.00


2014 Sweetheart® Rosebud Basket Set


Your Price $90.00


Retiring! Woven Traditions® 4″ x 8″ Lidded Dish


Regular Price  $40.00
Your Price $32.00


Retiring! Woven Traditions® 4″ x 4″ Lidded Dish


Regular Price  $25.00
Your Price $20.00


Retiring! Woven Traditions® Small Square Canister


Regular Price  $29.00
Your Price $23.00


Retiring! Woven Traditions® Medium Square Canister


Regular Price  $39.00
Your Price $31.00


Retiring! Woven Traditions® Large Square Canister


Regular Price  $49.00
Your Price $39.00


Tea Basket


Regular Price  $39.00
Your Price $31.00


Woven Traditions Tea Basket


Regular Price  $39.00
Your Price $31.00


Retiring! Family Tissue Basket w/WoodCrafts Lid


Regular Price  $109.00
Your Price $87.00


Woven Traditions® Kitchen Crock w/WoodCrafts Topper


Regular Price  $52.00
Your Price $41.00


Medium Stow Away Basket


Regular Price  $115.00
Your Price $92.00


Woven Traditions Medium Stow Away Basket


Regular Price  $115.00
Your Price $92.00


Small Stow Away Basket


Regular Price  $79.00
Your Price $63.00


Woven Traditions Small Stow Away Basket


Regular Price  $79.00
Your Price $63.00


11 1/2″ Skillet


Your Price $150.00


Flameware 11 1/2″ Skillet Lid


Your Price $60.00


Flameware 8″ Skillet Lid


Your Price $45.00



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