Roses Gift Ideas Monthly Features

Roses Gift Ideas Monthly Features

roses gift ideasRoses Gift Ideas Monthly Features

Longaberger has the perfect gift-giving ideas for you! Whether you’re looking for a little whimsy or the perfect piece for someone special, our handmade creations and party-ready pottery are sure to fit!  Order online 24/7 @ Roses Gift Ideas.


Take Along Basket w/ $49 Purchase


Regular Price  $85.00
Your Price $49.00


2014 Sweetheart® Rosebud Basket Set


Your Price $90.00


Retiring! Woven Traditions® 4″ x 8″ Lidded Dish


Regular Price  $40.00
Your Price $32.00


Little 4″ x 8″ Basket


Your Price $45.00


Retiring! Woven Traditions® 4″ x 4″ Lidded Dish


Regular Price  $25.00
Your Price $20.00


Retiring! Stuck On You Basket


Your Price $39.00


Retiring! Woven Traditions® Small Square Canister


Regular Price  $29.00
Your Price $23.00


Retiring! Woven Traditions® Medium Square Canister


Regular Price  $39.00
Your Price $31.00


Retiring! Woven Traditions® Large Square Canister


Regular Price  $49.00
Your Price $39.00


Tea Basket


Regular Price  $39.00
Your Price $31.00


Woven Traditions Tea Basket


Regular Price  $39.00
Your Price $31.00


Retiring! Family Tissue Basket w/WoodCrafts Lid


Regular Price  $109.00
Your Price $87.00


Woven Traditions® Kitchen Crock w/WoodCrafts Topper


Regular Price  $52.00
Your Price $41.00


Medium Stow Away Basket


Regular Price  $115.00
Your Price $92.00


Woven Traditions Medium Stow Away Basket


Regular Price  $115.00
Your Price $92.00


Small Stow Away Basket


Regular Price  $79.00
Your Price $63.00


Woven Traditions Small Stow Away Basket


Regular Price  $79.00
Your Price $63.00


Take Along Basket without $49 Purchase


Your Price $85.00


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