enjoy FREE Longaberger SHIPPING

enjoy FREE Longaberger SHIPPING

roses gift ideas longaberger consultant http://shopus.longaberger.com/rvincenthttp://shopus.longaberger.com/rvincentSHIPPING IS FREE, TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!


As we transition to the newest and best technology in the whole direct selling world, we appreciate your patience and loyalty.

We have invested over a million dollars to give you and OUR customers the best tools to run your Longaberger business and to place orders from us.

Switching from the old, outdated system to this new one means we’ve had to go through a short time of transition.

Many of you have called Consultant Support with questions. As a result, some of you have had to wait while we take time to answer each call personally and give everyone the time to help them. We apologize for the wait.

We are adding more people to answer calls. And our wonderful technology team is working around the clock to finalize the transition to the new system.

To show how much we appreciate your patience during this change-over, from now through next Thursday, April 24, we are pleased to offer FREE SHIPPING!

That’s right – zero cost for shipping, period.  Order Online NOW @ Roses Gift Ideas!

Meanwhile, if you still need to call Consultant Support, everyone who calls us will have their call answered. It may take longer than normal, but we will answer you and help you.

The new online system is well worth it. Some brief, temporary delays in order to have the best technology tools for your business.

Thank you for your understanding as we give you these tools – and enjoy the FREE SHIPPING today before this ends!


Tina Smythe
Director of Sales
The Longaberger Company


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Roses Gift Ideas Longaberger Baskets & Gift Ideas

Independent Home Consultant - Welcome The Longaberger Company is America's premier maker of handcrafted gift baskets, pottery and offers other home decor products.

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