Longaberger Specials in February 2015 @ Roses Gift Ideas

Pie Basket

Save $18! A $75 Value! In honor of National Pie Day we have a deal worth celebrating! Bake sales, parties, family dinners, and more, the Pie Basket showcases your talents with ease. With so many entertaining occasions the possibilities for this bountiful basket are endless, and with a price this delicious you can almost taste the savings! 11 1/2″l x 11 1/2″w x 4″h; Rec. Wt. Use: 15 lbs.
Item Price Discounted Price Availability * Quantity
1301965 Black $57.00 Available EA
1301922 Bold Red $57.00 Available EA
1301926 Purple $57.00 Available EA
1301933 Rich Brown $57.00 Available EA
1301969 Royal Blue $57.00 Available EA
1301923 Sage $57.00 Available EA
1301939 Warm Brown $57.00 Available EA
1301964 Whitewashed $57.00 Available EA

Available Separately

Pie Protector

Item 40718



Cake Riser

Enter the quantity you would like to purchase:

















Hamper Basket & WoodCrafts Lid Set

The Hamper Basket Set works in every room of your house! The ultimate waste basket that’s the right SIZE FOR your busy household AND won’t have TO be emptied twice a DAY! ADD one IN every bedroom AND bathroom FOR a beautiful way TO hide those dirty clothes. STORE your wrapping paper rolls IN style! It’s big enough FOR large plastic recyclables too! SET includes Basket AND 2-Piece WoodCrafts Lid w/knob. Protector available separately. Made IN the U.S.A. 17″l x 17″w x 22″h; Rec. Wt. Use: 30 lbs.
Item Price Discounted Price Availability * Quantity
6338665 Black $250.00 Available EA
6338622 Bold Red $250.00 Available EA
6338626 Purple $250.00 Available EA
6338633 Rich Brown $250.00 Available EA
6338669 Royal Blue $250.00 Available EA
6338623 Sage $250.00 Available EA
6338639 Warm Brown $250.00 Available EA
6338664 Whitewashed $250.00 Available EA

Available Separately

Hamper Protector

Item 41602


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