Our NEW 2015 Baskets will make your Summer a Breeze!

It’s All About Mom Order between March 16 – April 5 to receive your Mother’s Day Basket in time
for gift-giving to Mom, Grandma and that someone very special.
























Click here for our May 2015 Sales Flyer and Sneak peak at our 2015 Wishlist.























wishlist 2015































































Simply Summer Collection From barbecues, festivals, family dinners and more, these baskets will make summer as easy as 1-2-3!
a. Simply Summer Square Basket 7½”l x 7½”w x 4″h; Rec. Wt. Use: 9 lbs. A Basket 13059# $65 A Protector 40770 $10
b. Fabric Squares 100% cotton 14″ square 24274: $7 16″ square 24275: $8 19″ square 24283: $9 28″ square 24276: $16
c. Simply Summer Oval Basket 13½”l x 9″w x 4¼”h; Rec. Wt. Use: 13 lbs. A Basket 13058# $75 A Protector 40373 $12
d. Simply Summer Round Basket 11½”l x 10½”w x 5″h; Rec. Wt. Use: 16 lbs. A Basket 13061# $78 A Protector 40903 $15
Set of 2 Placemats 19″l x 13″w; 100% cotton 20360: $22
Set of 2 Denim Placemats with Pocket 19″l x 13″w; 100% cotton 24303 $25











































Summer Gifts Under $40 Let us help you create the perfect gift for all of your special moments.
a. Business Card Basket 4½”l x 3½”w x 2¼”h; Rec. Wt. Use: 1 lbs. A Basket 17257# $32 A Protector 40724 $8
b. Button Basket 7″l x 7″w x 3″h; Rec. Wt. Use: 4 lbs. A Basket 15407# $39 A Protector 45403 $9
c. Cracker Basket 11½”l x 5w x 3″h; Rec. Wt. Use: 5 lbs. A Basket 17401# $39 A Protector 44504 $10
d. Sisters Market Tote 14″l x 7½”w x 14½”h; 12″ strap drop; Rec. Wt. Use: 30 lbs; Black 24209365 $25
e. Woven Traditions® Mug Single (3½”d x 4″h; 12 oz.) 33626$ $15
f. Pencil Basket 3¾”l x 3¾”w x 4½”h Rec. Wt. Use: 2 lbs. A 12209# $39 A Protector 40715 $9 A WoodCrafts Lid 52024# $10
g. Tea Basket 7″l x 5″w x 3½”h; Rec. Wt. Use: 5 lbs. A Basket 18603# $39 A Protector † 40845 $9
h. Mini Handled Casserole 7¼”l x 5¼”w x 2½”h; 10oz. 32356$ $25



























































flowerpot basket


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