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Longaberger Company goes out of business

Longaberger Company, famous for its handmade baskets, has gone out of business after years of decline.

The company sent a note to its sales consultants Friday 5/4/2018 saying “Longaberger, at this time, has ceased operations,” according to The Columbus Dispatch.

The note told sales consultants to “please take action as soon as possible” in contacting credit-card companies and also advised against attempting to place any further orders.



Thank You for being our loyal patrons.

Welcome to Roses Gift Ideas, I’m a Independent Home Consultant with Longaberger. Roses Gift Ideas and the Longaberger Company take great pride in the history of producing American Made Baskets, all hand crafted by skilled artisans at the Longaberger facility in Dresden, Ohio.

Our Basket Sales, accessories, Pottery, Tabletop and Wrought Iron products are beautiful additions to any home decor for storage solutions, gift ideas (e.g., Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthdays, Holiday Gifts, Gift Baskets) and every day home decor. Longaberger products are gifts that will always be a cherished when given to your family, co-workers, and friends.

Longaberger Company even offers a new home-based business opportunity for as little as $19!  Join My Team Today and call me to discuss!  Shop online from home 24/7 here.

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