Weekly Special & Crazy $8 Sales

Weekly Special & Crazy $8 Sales

Mark the calendar for June 4th and 5th to take advantage of these savings. Our travel cups, condiments crock, and ice cream bowls are only $8.   And this weeks special ripe for the picking is our Watermelon Bowl Basket for $59.  Order all of these great buys online @ Roses Gift Ideas.

Longaberger August 31, 2013 Retirements

2013 Retirements

Longaberger August 31, 2013 Retirements – Order Online @ Roses Gift Ideas

Baskets & Accessories

Long Market Basket and Accessories
Small Roundabout Basket and Accessories
Medium Roundabout Basket and Accessories
Signature Plaid 8″ Round Basket and Accessories
Signature Plaid 10″ Round Basket and Accessories
Small Square Canister Basket and Accessories
Medium Square Canister Basket and Accessories
Large Square Canister Basket and Accessories
Small Twist Basket and Accessories
Large Twist Basket and Accessories
Fan Favorites
Team Spirit® Small Twist Basket and Accessories
Collegiate Series Small Twist Basket and WoodCrafts Lid
On the Veranda
6″ Planter
Set of 3 Planters (6″, 9″, 12″)
Tray and Accessories
Snickerdoodle Dessert Mix
Tropical Key Lime Mix
Sisters by Longaberger
Market Tote
Stay Cool Lunch Bag
Stay Cool Small Tote
Stay Cool Large Tote
Spirit Tie-Ons
Woven Leather
Stairstep Weave Crossbody
Stairstep Weave Handbag
Stairstep Weave Tote
Glass Trifle Bowl
Woven Traditions® Set of 4 Measuring Cups
Woven Traditions Set of 5 Measuring Spoons
Woven Traditions Small Roundabout Casserole
Woven Traditions Medium Roundabout Casserole
Woven Traditions Small Twist Dish
Woven Traditions Large Twist Dish
Wrought Iron
Foundry 3-Level Étagère
Foundry Centerpiece

Seasonal Spring & Summer WishList® Products

Baskets & Accessories
Coastal Breeze Medium Slope Basket
Coastal Breeze Large Slope Basket
Coastal Breeze Round Tray Basket
Little 4″ x 8″ Basket Bold Red, Slate Blue and Whitewashed
Perennial Garden Medium Everyday Essentials Basket
Perennial Garden Large Everyday Essentials Basket
Perennial Garden Small Roundabout Basket
Perennial Garden Medium Roundabout Basket
Round Tray Basket and Protector
Medium Slope Basket and Acrylic Bowl
Large Slope Basket and Acrylic Bowl
Stuck On You Basket Bold Red, Slate Blue and Whitewashed
Master’s Studio™ Picnic Basket
3″ x 6″ Pillar Flowering Sage
3″ x 6″ Pillar Warm Apple Pie
Collectors Club
Clay Pot Basket and Protector
Fabric & Accessories
Perennial Garden Napkins
Perennial Garden Quilted Placemats
Lemon Dessert Mix
On the Veranda
Large Beverage Tub and Wrought Iron Stand
Window Box
Sisters by Longaberger
Coastal Gate Fabric
Leaf Cutting Board

Longaberger Company Is Expanding to Canada – New Consultants NEEDED

Longaberger Company Is Expanding – New Consultants NEEDED

Yes, that’s right! Longaberger is expanding into Canada and all Longaberger Home Consultants can now begin earning money and building a team in Canada!  INTERESTED?  CONTACT ROSES GIFT IDEAS TODAY TO JOIN OUR TEAM!

Are you thinking — “Well, I live in Texas why is this important to me?” Do you have friends or relatives in Canada? Do any of you have friends or relatives there? Chances are you have contacts in Canada and you’ve just never considered them a part of your business — now you can!

GUESS WHAT?  We’ve opened up what we call “cross-border sponsoring and selling,” so ALL Longaberger Home Consultants have the opportunity to build a business in Canada.

Launch Timing and Enrollment Process

Beginning July 1, 2012, any Home Consultant can begin sponsoring new recruits in British Columbia or Ontario, Canada. Simply print off the Canadian Home Consultant Agreement below, select your Canadian Business Kit, contact Roses Gift Ideas Team, and submit the completed Canadian Home Consultant Agreement via mail to the Home Office at P.O. Box 3400, Newark Ohio, 43058-3400.

Longaberger Opportunity

Longaberger Opportunity


Would you like to know more about Longaberger and the Longaberger opportunity? We would love to share more with you! Just click this link and we will be in touch ASAP.  Learn More by watching our short video

Online e-business

We make it easy to share products with your customers who prefer to shop online with a FREE, personalized website and selling tools.

Home Parties
Gathering together with your friends, laughing and sharing Longaberger in a fun, relaxed environment – it’s really that easy!

A few reasons to consider Longaberger …

More Good News – FREE Longaberger Sign-Ups!

More Good News – FREE Longaberger Sign-Ups!

Attention Former Longaberger Consultants!

Do you want to be a Longaberger Home Consultant again or want to start a new home business? If so…now is the perfect time to take this opportunity and sign up for FREE. In March Only, simply sign up for the Longaberger Coffee Club and as part of this invitation, to can re-join as a Home Consultant for FREE!  Just click on the e-card below for all the details.

We think this is a great opportunity — so contact Roses Gift Ideas for more details today.