Longaberger News – Opportunities Abound This February!

Longaberger News – Opportunities Abound This February!


TWO February Incentives!
Sell $350 this month and earn free shipping on a literature order in March!

Sell $1,000 and earn the all-new Woven Traditions® Coffee Carafe in Ivory, a ½ lb. bag or Longaberger Private Reserve and a pack of Coffee Club brochures!

Join, Perform and Save Incentive EXTENDED!
There’s still time! Your potential recruits now have another month to choose the $199 Business Builder Kit for just $40 upfront! When they sell $1,000 by their 30-Day Success Start date, they’ll pay no more. That’s $400+ worth of Longaberger products for just $40. For more information and an updated flyer, visit mylongaberger.com,Programs, Current Incentives.


February 14-18
Atlantis Incentive Trip

April 18
Longaberger Homestead® Opens

April 26-28
Spring Fling at Longaberger Homestead

May 3-4
Spring Fling at Longaberger Homestead

May 18
Collectors Club Gathering at Longaberger Homestead

June 14-15
Great American Picnic Celebration at Longaberger Homestead

February 1, 2013

VIDEO UPDATE: You heard it from Tami — she wants to hear your stories. Please send us your story at mystory@longaberger.com

February Offers Are Sweet!

Have you seen anything cuter than Longaberger’s February line up of Easter Products? You and your customers LOVED our PEEPS® Basket last year, so we brought it back in a new color. And, as you know, no Easter is complete without a Longaberger Basket filled with goodies and how sweet is the Easter Tie on that you can personalize?

We’ve also created a Miniature PEEPS® Basket which is exclusive to our Collectors Club Members! We expect that many customers will want to become members just to get this sweet little basket! Sign them up today and keep them purchasing all year long. We have several savings opportunities lined up during 2013 for our members.

And of course – February is the launch month for two of our newest pieces of Flameware!

February Recruiters – This One Is For You!

Are you in the club? When you recruit February 1-28, you will be entered into a drawing to win FABULOUS Longaberger prizes in the February Recruiting Club! And, if your new recruit qualifies by their 30-Day Success Start™ date, you and your recruit will be entered into a drawing for a FREE iPad Mini! WOW!!!

The Magic Video

We’re not kidding … according to our research, Home Consultants who watch this 3-minute video sell 3 times the Flameware of Home Consultants who don’t watch the video. THREE TIMES? Now that IS magic! Visit the Flameware website onmyLongaberger.com for more information and videos!

Register Your Picnic Today!

The Great American Picnic Celebration is a nationwide event giving you the opportunity to host a good ‘ol fashioned picnic in your hometown, helping you get in front of new customers and potential recruits. You can now register your picnic on myLongaberger.com by clicking here.

Remember, you can participate in the Great American Picnic Celebration by hosting a picnic in your hometown and/or bringing a group to Longaberger Homestead where we’ll be unfurling the World’s Largest American Flag on June 14 and 15. For more information on how to host a picnic in your hometown, visit myLongaberger.com, Events, Great American Picnic, or click here.



Show Your Pride

Starting today, you can purchase Longaberger’s American Pride Pin, adorned with stars and stripes and our signature copper-color rivet, for $5 each or five for $20 in the Just For Business Shop Online. Check your March Notebook for a complete listing of new consultant supplies. This is guaranteed to start conversation!

New Rewards For Booking Tours

Longaberger is offering two very special incentives for booking tours to Longaberger Homestead® or your local Showroom. First, we’re offering a first edition Made in America Woven Traditions® Pitcher for those of you who book your tours of 25 or more first! Supplies are very limited – so book your tour today!

For tours of 25 or less, we’ll be offering gift certificates, a Coupon Sheet and FREE Make a Basket (Homestead Only). For more details, click here.

Exclusive Make-A-Basket Experience at JW’s Workshop

New to the Homestead this year, we’ll be offering an exclusive Make a Basket Experience at J.W.’s Workshop. You and your guests will have the opportunity to weave a commemorative Large Picnic or Village Basket, celebrating J.W.’s connection to the pottery industry in Ohio, and Longaberger bringing our pottery back to America. Dates fill up fast, so book your tour and make your reservations today!

For a complete list of the 2013 Longaberger Homestead Calendar of events, click here.




Longaberger Is Double Fun In February!

Longaberger Is Double Fun In February!  Order online @ Roses Gift Ideas 24/7.

Host A Party – ONLINE!

Throughout February, hosting and submitting a party is easy with me as your Home Consultant. And, if you’re thinking “There’s no way I can host a party,” just remember:

1. You can have an ONLINE SHOW and still receive Host Benefits!

2. Host Benefits include items at half-price or FREE based on your party total. Half-price items start with just a $150 party!

It’s easy to host an online party! You can even add our Wednesday online specials to your show! And maybe the best part of all is that you can invite family and friends from across the country to shop at your party! Let’s talk about hosting a party online to start saving on all your Longaberger favorites TODAY!

Call or email me to get the party started!

Spring-Summer WishList®

Ask me to see our new Spring WishList!It’s loaded with amazing products! My calendar is filling up – contact me to book your party today!

Brought to you by Longaberger Consultant:
Rose M Vincent

Cooking, Candy and Clovers

Longaberger Flameware™ Turns Up the Heat

Flameware is the new all-natural ceramic cookware from Longaberger. It’s available in all seven Woven Traditions® Pottery colors, and it’s vitrified PLUS! Vitrified PLUS means it is perfect for the oven, microwave, freezer, dishwasher, gas and electric stovetops, broiler, and even the grill! Longaberger is introducing two NEW additions to the Flameware family this month:

  • 8″ Skillet with Lid Set
  • 4 Quart Lidded Dutch Oven

AND — during February, host a $350 show and get the new Flameware bundle as a half-price selection! That’s a $162.50 savings!

See our February 2013 Flyer for other host bundle savings — like the WoodCrafts Cheese Board and Glass Dome Set. And be sure to check out my Longaberger web site to watch the new Flameware video. You can also see great Flameware ideas each Friday on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Below is one of many simple recipes using Longaberger Flameware.


So Adorable! Share It With All Your “Peeps”

Your favorite marshmallow treats are back! The month of February is the only time to purchase your PEEPS® Basket Sets. These cute chicks come in iconic yellow and new lavender colors. Did you know yellow and lavender are the most popular colors in the famous candy?

February also brings an adorable miniature just for Collectors Club members — The Collectors Club Miniature Peeps® Basket! This adorable work of art is only available through the end of February, and only to members. Not yet a Collectors Club member? You don’t want to miss this basket — ask me how to join today, or give a membership as a gift.

Click here for more details.

Easter Celebration

Celebrate the beautiful colors of spring with a 2013 Easter Basket. This pastel basket is accented by a unique WoodCrafts Lid with a flowered knob circled by rustic decorated eggs. This basket is also available in Warm Brown. PLUS, Collector Club members automatically save an additional $10 when they purchase the 2013 Easter Basket Set!

Another February must-have is the 2013 Easter Ornament. This 12-month series of ornaments is almost complete, and this is one you definitely won’t want to miss! The 2013 Easter Ornament features the same pastel colors and rustic decorated spring eggs of the of the 2013 Easter Basket WoodCrafts Lid.

Click to order one for your special “some bunny!”

Love, Loyalty & Friendship

The time-honored symbol, the Irish Claddagh, has a place of honor on the Irish Traditions Basket. Enchanted shamrocks are featured on the fabric liner, and a sign of good luck, the four-leaf-clover, is waiting inside. The set includes the green and gold woven basket, lid, liner, and protector.

The same enchanting shamrocks from the Irish Traditions Basket are showcased on the 2013 Shamrock Ornament (also available in February only)

Online Specials!

Watch your email for weekly online specials. Baskets, pottery, wrought iron, fabric accessories and more at great prices! Many items are “while supplies last” so order early for the best selection @ Roses Gift Ideas


2013 Longaberger Easter Baskets

2013 Easter Baskets

easter basketCelebrate Spring with a Longaberger 2013 Easter Basket so colorful, it could get lost among a bed of blooming bulbs. There’s also a new lavender PEEPS® to match its yellow PEEPS companion—and the basket!  Order online early in February 1-28, 2013 @ Roses Gift Ideas.

2013 Easter Basket $72
Available: February 1 – 28, 2013
Specs: 115/8″l x 11½”w x 37/8″h x 131/8″h (with handle);

Rec. Wt. Use: 10 lbs.
• Available in Warm Brown or Multi with Pale Yellow
weave and Cream upsplints with a color chain weave of
Blue, Lavender, Pale Blue, Dark Pink and Pale Green
finished with your choice of Pale Pink or Pale Blue top
trim strip and handle
• Stationary handle
• Reinforced woven bottom with fillers
• WoodCrafts Lid w/knob (available in Warm Brown
w/wood knob or Cream w/foil embossed design
and decorative knob)
• Over-the-Edge Liner (Easter Egg Petals)
• Protector
Good to Know:
Designing Easter Baskets dates back to J.W., Dave’s
father, who made Easter baskets for his children as well
as the neighbor children
• The decorative knob is cream colored resin with an
embossed dandelion flower

2013 Easter Tie-On $10

Available: February 1 – 28, 2013
Specs: 2¼”l x 1¾”h
Egg-shaped, ivory ceramic tie-on with embossed carrot
and carrot leaves
• Longaberger® logo on back of tie-on
• Coordinating lavender ribbon included
Good to Know:
• Personalize with permanent or dry erase marker
2013 Easter Ornament $25
Available: February 1 – 28, 2013
Specs: 4″d x 5″h
• Pale Blue interior weave and Whitewashed with Pale
Pink accent printed veneer with pastel and rustic
decorated spring eggs, topped with a plated metal
ornament ring
• Coordinating Satin Ivory ribbon included
peeps basketPEEPS® Basket Set $69
Available: February 1 – 28, 2013
Specs: 6″l x 4½”w x 61/8″h; Rec. Wt. Use: 3 lbs.; Set includes
Basket and Pottery Topper
• Oval-shaped basket, available in Yellow or Lavender
• PEEPS foil application stamp on bottom
• Kerf bottom, which has a groove slotted on the side that holds weaves in place and does not require tacks
• Protector
Good to Know:
• The PEEPS Basket is approximately 260% bigger than the PEEPS candy
• PEEPS are a time-honored Easter tradition
• PEEPS have been around since the 1950’s
• PEEPS have been the #1 non-chocolate brand at Easter for over 20 years
• PEEPS offers six colors and Yellow is the most popular, followed by Pink, Lavender, Blue and White







For a limited time only… you can still get the Longaberger 2012 Easter Basket.  Contact Roses Gift Ideas Today!  Our “Past features” are one–time offers that are not in our current current monthly Flyer. Available online at the regular price (no sets or sale pricing is available) while supplies last, through the current month to purchase the products you may have missed out on. Note: Items in Past Features are not guaranteed for holiday deliveries.

2012 Easter Basket
Item #12255BSKT

A colorful find! Each year children hunt brightly colored Easter eggs, full of excitement and joy at each one they find. Share in the fun with the 2012 Easter Basket. The Green WoodCrafts Lid is topped with it’s own clever, hand-painted decorative egg knob, it’s a delight for all ages. Available separately are an Over-the-Edge Liner, Protector and WoodCrafts Lids w/knob in Warm Brown or WoodCrafts Lid w/decorative knob in Green.

Price $69.00

2012 Easter Tie-On

Item #24097

The finishing touch to this year’s Easter Basket is the 2012 Easter Tie-On. The painted metal tie-on is a cream banner style reading Easter’s On Its Way with pastel florets and coordinating Pale Green ribbon included. 3″l x 1 1/4″w

Price $10.00
PEEPS® Basket Set
Item #62637

Sweet Chicks! With each spring comes rebirth, warmer weather — and PEEPS®! Now you can have your PEEPS and eat them too with the new beautifully crafted PEEPS basket topped with the iconic PEEPS chick. Keep your PEEPS marshmallow treats inside, and enjoy this charming keepsake long after you’ve eaten the last one. Includes Basket (6″l x 4 1/2″w x 6 1/8″h; Rec. Wt. Use: 3 lbs.), Pottery Topper and Protector.

Price $65.00

Brighten Your Nest With This Longaberger Online Exclusive!

Brighten Your Nest With This Longaberger Online Exclusive!

Brighten Your Nest With This 1 Day Online Exclusive!

Brighten Up Your Nest With a Our Online Exclusive March 7th, 2012.
The new Set of 3 Longaberger Easter Nested Bowls is a fun Spring online exclusive you don’t want to miss — it’s a great way to freshen up your décor — and you’ll want to order several sets for many great uses.

  • Buy one set and have three gifts — each only $13!
  • Fun tasting and serving bowls for any Easter or springtime gathering.
  • Create a fun Easter Bowl for every member of the family … Add a bit of decorative grass or filler and a few treats and it’s one sweet treat.

Lastly…Remember, these can be added to our other great deal in March our PEEPS® Basket Set, so you really have some Sweet TWEETS just in time for Easter!

Contact Your Longaberger Independent Home Consultant Rose Vincent for more details.