Score Big With Longaberger Collegiate Series & Team Spirit Specials

Score Big With Longaberger Collegiate Series & Team Spirit Specials

Fire Up Your Spirit! – Wednesday, August 7 – Tuesday, August 13!

  • Just in time to get ready for fall sports season, SAVE 25% on our Team Spirit and Collegiate Series Collections!
  • The Collegiate Series features customize products for 51 NCAA schools. Cheer on your team! See details below.
  • Choose from more than 47 Team Spirit color combinations, and create a special keepsake in support of your favorite team. Also a great idea for a fund-raiser for a club, fraternity/sorority or other organization! See details below @Roses Gift Ideas.




Longaberger Consultant: Rose M. Vincent

It’s almost time for the college football season to kick off! Are you ready to tailgate with your favorite school? Remember — when you host a show, you can get your selections at half-price or FREE!  Host a Home Show with Roses Gift Ideas Today.  Call for more details.

Back to school means fall sports and activity season! You can customize our Team Spirit Baskets with your school’s colors — what an awesome keepsake of those high school years!  Remember — when you host a show, you can get your selections at half-price or FREE!



Last Call For NFL Lineup!


Last Call For NFL Lineup!

Last Call For NFL Lineup

As a fan, we wanted to be sure you knew that the Longaberger NFL Lineup products will retire from the WishList® on August 31, 2012. Be sure to make your online orders for friends, family, and all your other fans to take advantage of getting their favorite team’s basket set or WoodCrafts® cutting board before August 31, just in time for the regular season!

Longaberger Consultant:  Rose M. Vincent


Tis The Season … For Longaberger Tailgating!

Tis The Season … For Tailgating!

Game Time!
Tailgating season will be here soon! Now is the time to stock up on some great serving pieces and cheer on your favorite team. The new Longaberger WoodCrafts® Football Cutting Board is a sure crowd pleaser!  Order online tomorrow August 1st starting at 12:00 Noon @ Roses Gift Ideas.

Longaberger Home Consultant:  Rose M. Vincent

NFL Lineup – The Ultimate Fan Gear!

NFL Lineup – The Ultimate Fan Gear!


NFL Lineup – The Ultimate Fan Gear!

My husband never misses a game. It doesn’t matter what
else is going on, when his team is playing, he’s in full
regalia and in front of the television. He was thrilled when
I gave him an NFL Lineup basket with his team’s logo on
the lid. Finally, a basket he appreciates!  Order Today Here!
a. NFL WoodCrafts
Cutting Board A
10½”l x 11″w x ¾”h 51242# $44
b. NFL 7″ Round Keeping™
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (7″d x 27⁄8″h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62319# $80
NFL WoodCrafts Lid 51352# $27
c. NFL Social Gathering
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (14¾”l x 13¾”w x 4½”h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62416# $173
NFL WoodCrafts Lid 51426# $65
d. NFL TV Time™
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (8″l x 6¾”w x 5¼”h (front) x 7″h (back))
& WoodCrafts Lid 61993# $94
e. NFL Small Oval Bowl
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (7¼”l x 5″w x 3½”h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62415# $80
NFL WoodCrafts Lid 51427# $23
f. NFL Medium Market
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (14½”l x 10″w x 7½”h) & WoodCrafts Lid
61991# $152
NFL WoodCrafts Lid 51076# $53
g. NFL Cracker
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (11½”l x 5″w x 3″h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62417# $84
NFL WoodCrafts Lid 51425# $30
h. NFL Tie-On A
Each approx. 2¼”w x 2¼”h 23755# $16
Baskets & WoodCrafts: Replace # with NFL team code.

Longaberger Scores At Super Bowl 2012!

Longaberger Scores At Super Bowl 2012!


Longaberger Scores At
Super Bowl 2012!!

The top two football teams in the country … the biggest sporting event on the planet … what could make it better? Longaberger, of course! National Sales Leader’s and members of family are participating in the Super Bowl festivities this week. Celebrities, athletes and other VIPs are able to preview Longaberger products and enjoy our very own Longaberger Private Reserve Coffee in our Woven Traditions® Travel Cups — talk about creating a buzz for our coffee, our cups and our Company!

Longaberger — and all you — are proud to display of our products featuring the NFL Lineup and long-standing favorites from the WishList®.

Even though the big game is yet to be played today, Longaberger is already a winner at Super Bowl 2012. You can win too by sharing Longaberger with friends and family at your Super Bowl party this weekend! Join the celebration on Facebook!  Order online your team favorite @ Roses Gift Ideas.