Giving Thanks For Our Many Blessings

Giving Thanks For Our Many Blessings

Dear Longaberger Family Member/Customers:

We have so much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving 2012! We cherish the love of our families and friends. We rejoice that we live in a free nation that is still the best hope of the Earth and that still stands as a beacon of liberty. We are especially thankful for those men and women who stand on guard around the world so that we may enjoy our blessings in peace and security.

At our company, we are deeply thankful for a powerful surge of positive momentum, which has energized our sales field and brought us some of the best results we have seen in quite awhile. As we near our 40th anniversary year, it’s clear that we’ve not only weathered storms, but that today we are stronger, more popular and more vibrant than ever! I am deeply grateful for all that you are doing to make this possible.

Finally, as we count our many blessings, we offer our prayers for those who have suffered from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. They are in our thoughts as they and their communities travel the long road to recovery.

I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving.

With Warm Wishes,


Tami Longaberger

Roses Gift Ideas – Independant Longaberger Consultant


NFL Lineup – The Ultimate Fan Gear!

NFL Lineup – The Ultimate Fan Gear!


NFL Lineup – The Ultimate Fan Gear!

My husband never misses a game. It doesn’t matter what
else is going on, when his team is playing, he’s in full
regalia and in front of the television. He was thrilled when
I gave him an NFL Lineup basket with his team’s logo on
the lid. Finally, a basket he appreciates!  Order Today Here!
a. NFL WoodCrafts
Cutting Board A
10½”l x 11″w x ¾”h 51242# $44
b. NFL 7″ Round Keeping™
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (7″d x 27⁄8″h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62319# $80
NFL WoodCrafts Lid 51352# $27
c. NFL Social Gathering
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (14¾”l x 13¾”w x 4½”h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62416# $173
NFL WoodCrafts Lid 51426# $65
d. NFL TV Time™
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (8″l x 6¾”w x 5¼”h (front) x 7″h (back))
& WoodCrafts Lid 61993# $94
e. NFL Small Oval Bowl
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (7¼”l x 5″w x 3½”h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62415# $80
NFL WoodCrafts Lid 51427# $23
f. NFL Medium Market
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (14½”l x 10″w x 7½”h) & WoodCrafts Lid
61991# $152
NFL WoodCrafts Lid 51076# $53
g. NFL Cracker
Basket & Lid Set A
Includes Basket (11½”l x 5″w x 3″h) & WoodCrafts Lid
62417# $84
NFL WoodCrafts Lid 51425# $30
h. NFL Tie-On A
Each approx. 2¼”w x 2¼”h 23755# $16
Baskets & WoodCrafts: Replace # with NFL team code.

The Luck O’ The Irish – St. Patrick’s Day

The Luck O’ The Irish


Sharing Of The Green

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone will get lucky during our February 22 online special!

  • Perfect for anyone who loves to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Order Online The Luck O’ The Irish these two exclusive baskets @ Roses Gift Ideas.  Our Tall Tissue Basket Set is only $59 and the Leprechaun Hat Basket with Pottery Base is $49.  Both make great gift ideas.

Get Lucky In February

Get Lucky In February


Get Lucky In February

You’ve got to see the Lucky Me Basket Set with WoodCrafts Lid. It’s a fun decoration for St. Patrick’s Day, and a very useful basket the rest of the year! The set includes a fabric Over-the-Edge Liner with shamrocks out the outer lining, a plastic Protector that fits snugly inside and a Warm Brown lid with green metal shamrock knob.

After the holiday is over, you’ll find it works very well with the Fern Valley collection released this month. This one’s only available in February though, so get your order placed early.  Order Now @ Roses Gift Ideas.