Longaberger News – Spectacular September

Longaberger News – Spectacular September

Spectacular September!

Last week during the Holiday Premiere, we shared two exciting promotions for September.

Special Host Offer – Earn Up To 3 FREE Products!

  • September Hosts can earn up to 3 FREE items, in addition to their regular host benefits!
  • With a $350 Show, Pick 1 free item; $700 Show, Pick 2; $1,000 Show, Pick all 3!
  • Available through September 30, @ Roses Gift Ideas for both home shows and online parties.

$5 Flat Rate Shipping On Online Orders!

Pottery Progress At Longaberger

Project Eagle

By now, all Home Consultants who turned in orders for Made in America Pottery have received an email from Longaberger President Mike Trempe explaining the situation and offering our apology. Attached to that email was a letter from Mike for the customer(s) affected. In addition to sending the letter, we have generated a coupon for every customer to credit back the difference in price between the Made in America and internationally sourced pottery. Although we believe that most customers will elect to receive the internationally sourced item(s) we will happily replace or exchange the piece(s) at the request of your customer(s).

We will begin shipping the internationally sourced pottery that we have in-stock on Monday, September 23. Any requests for exchanges or refunds should be initiated by then by contacting Longaberger Consultant Care at 740-322-7878 or emailing them at info@longaberger.com.

Special Order Pottery Arrives

The vast majority of your long-awaited Special Order Pottery has arrived at our warehouse and it’s all hands on deck! Company President Mike Trempe and members of the Home Office team have joined forces with the talented shipping team working around the clock to ensure that no time is wasted in getting these items pulled, packed and shipped to your customers. We sincerely THANK YOU and your customers again for your patience as we awaited the arrival of these special order pieces!  Click to view video

Holiday Premiere Shares Spirit Of The Season!

September is always a time to celebrate with Longaberger! It’s the launch of our Fall-Winter WishList®, and it’s the beginning of our Holiday selling season. We think you will agree, we have a wonderful selection of Fall and Holiday items available now, and it’s just going to keep getting better with our November and December selections! We shared all of them during last week’s Holiday Premiere. If you missed it, click on the image at right for a peek. You are going to love the choices you have to share!


The Daily Buzz

This Friday, September 20, Longaberger will be featured on the nationally syndicated morning show The Daily Buzz! Our Small Entertaining Basket with the 8″x8″ Woven Traditions® Baking Dish and lidded protector will be featured along with our weekly special – the Small Wicked Treats Basket. The segment will also feature the Longaberger Opportunity telling viewers about the advantages of having their own Longaberger business.  Inquiries from the broadcast will be distributed through our recently revamped Longaberger LEADS program. The Daily Buzz airs in cities from coast to coast on the CW network and many Fox and CBS stations – watch for the segment to air around 6:53 am!  Contact Roses Gift Ideas to join the Longaberger Team Today.


Martha Stewart Likes Longaberger – That’s A Good Thing!

ABC News online recently ran this story about celebrity and multimedia mogul Martha Stewart.

While Stewart is known to own multiple residences, many fans were unaware that the domestic doyenne also owned a “basket house.” For the uninitiated, a basket house is a place where one stores decades upon decades’ worth of baskets one has collected. “After getting married, I began collecting these useful forms of art in earnest,” wrote Stewart on The Martha Blog, who detailed the contents of the basket house in an accompanying slideshow on Thursday.

Not everyone may have a basket house, but Stewart is not alone in her hobby. Basket collecting continues to be a popular pastime in the U.S., with fans devoted to everything from modern Longaberger Baskets to antique Shaker models. A rare example of the latter fetched $63,000 at an auction in Chatham, N.Y., according to The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles.


Something To Huff About!

Huffington Post Travel recently tweeted a link to their piece, “22 Reasons The Midwest Is Best,” and while we’re fond of them all, we especially like #12 and think you’ll agree – check it out here.

Australia Welcomes Longaberger!

Longaberger is on the fast track down under. Our extended family continues to grow as New Home Consultants are joining our international team in Australia. Those new Home Consultants, along with all of our new customers, love Longaberger’s product line and can’t wait to get more!

Click here for everything you need to know about Longaberger in Australia.



Get Noticed! With The Longaberger Rewards Program

You are at the grocery store and ready to pay at the check-out. You pull out your new Longaberger credit card, push the blue button and swipe it at the cashier station. Almost instantly, the woman behind you in line says “Wow, what kind of card is that?” And there is opportunity knocking!

The Longaberger Rewards Program, featuring a credit card that lights up and lets you earn credit toward Longaberger Rewards with every purchase, is drawing attention from Longaberger Home Consultants and the national media.

With the ePlate card from Longaberger, you can earn points toward a Longaberger gift certificate or even a FREE Basket every time you swipe your card!More than 700 Home Consultants have already applied for the Longaberger Rewards card. The benefits are amazing!

  • You (and your hosts and customers) earn Longaberger Rewards (and 50+ other rewards, including air miles or even cash back) for something you are already doing — using a credit card, at a gas station, a grocery store … wherever.
  • You earn those rewards faster and at a higher rate than most cards. Earn 1.5% per $1,000 on the no-fee card and 3% on the fee card!
  • It’s a terrific business building tool! When the card lights up, it is a sure conversation starter wherever you are.
  • When your hosts or customers sign up, they will redeem their Longaberger Rewards with you, and that means steady repeat business.

Fox News was captivated by the Longaberger Rewards Program card, and featured it and the company who created it, Dynamics, Inc., on its web site. Click here to see.

Homestead (And Showroom) Happenings

Fall Into Savings With Our Tailgating Specials

Our best tailgating products are on sale 40% off this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at all showrooms and Longaberger Homestead. Also, you will receive some great tailgating ideas and recipes from your Showroom & Homestead Host Consultants.

Horizon of Hope® Celebration And 5K Run/Walk – October 5

Join us at Longaberger Homestead for a variety of races and additional activities that will support breast cancer research and awareness programs.

Entry Includes:

  • A chance to win a 2013 Horizon of Hope Basket and other prizes!
  • A commemorative tee
  • Access to an incredible recovery station with scrambled eggs, bacon, whole fruit, beverages and more
  • A participant’s bag with gifts and coupons

HEALTH FAIR featuring:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Cancer Coalition
  • The Smile Shack – Oral Cancer Education
  • Genesis HealthCare System
  • Simple Luxuries -Spoil Yourself … Naturally
  • Suzanne Shaeffer American Beauty

Three winners every hour from 10 a.m-5 p.m. Stop in the Welcome Center for a ticket.

LIVE Entertainment!
The Celebration will feature local musical act, Soul Legacy, whose high energy show will surely keep your feet moving throughout the day!

Make Your Own Event Basket!*
Choose from making your own Horizon of Hope Basket or buy one already made for only $59.95, plus tax! Basket measures 7 1/2″ long x 6 3/4″ wide x 4″ high. Group and any other discounts do not apply to Make A Basket.
*Reservations are recommended if you would like to make your own basket. Call guest relations at 740.322.5588.

Featuring unique, pink baskets and many more! Located in J.W.’s Workshop.

Special event discounts and specials throughout the store!

For more information on the Race for Hope or other great activities at the Longaberger Homestead, click here.





Longaberger Is Expanding To Australia


Longaberger Is Expanding To Australia – And YOU Can NOW Be A Part Of It!

We are proud and excited to open the Longaberger opportunity to many new families in Australia. Yes, that’s right! Longaberger is NOW expanding into Australia and all Longaberger Home Consultants can begin earning money and building a team in Australia!

If you and anyone you know who live in Australia and want to become an Independant Longaberger Home Consultant… contact Longaberger Consultant Rose Vincent @ Roses Gift Ideas to sign-up today!

We’ve just opened up what we call “cross-border sponsoring,” so ALL Longaberger Home Consultants have the opportunity to build a business NOW in Australia.

The product line and procedures are different than the US, so please take the time to review and learn the information below.

Launch Timing and Enrollment Process
Beginning August 26, 2013, any Home Consultant can begin sponsoring new recruits in Australia. Simply click on the link below to submit the Australian Home Consultant Agreement and order their Business Kit; or print off the Australian Home Consultant Agreement below and submit the completed agreement with their Business Kit choice via mail to the Home Office at P.O. Box 3400, Newark OH, 43058-3400.  Call or email me for details.  I’m here to help.

Here are a few online resources for Longaberger Australia.  Contact Roses Gift Ideas to begin your Longaberger business today.:

RGI Home Page


Watch As Our A-Team Launches Longaberger Australia!

Watch As Our A-Team Launches Longaberger Australia!


Share The Excitement!
It’s roughly 9,500 miles from Newark, Ohio to Surfer’s Paradise, Australia, but via social media, we can instantly shorten that distance. Tami, Claire Longaberger and Betsy Trout from the Home Office, along with 11 Home Consultants from throughout the U.S., are in Australia right now, launching Longaberger Australia! We call them the “A-Team” (as in Australia).

Check out our “Down Under” status by visiing Longaberger Facebook page and @ Roses Gift Ideas.


Breast Cancer Awareness – Special Horizon of Hope Event


Breast Cancer Awareness – Special Horizon of Hope Event

 Nominations Needed For A Very Special Celebration

Every year we come together to celebrate some very special women. On Thursday, October 4, Tami and Claire will host our very special Horizon of Hope Dinner at the Home Office to recognize women who are living with or are survivors of breast cancer. These women have faced the realities of a diagnosis while embracing life with an energy and determination that are an inspiration to us all, exemplifying the power of the human spirit. We’d also like to recognize the inspirational women who have supported and continue to support those living with the cancer along their journey. You can help with the celebration by nominating women in your life who embody these qualities. Please e-mail your name, address and phone along with the name, address and phone number of your nominee to thinkpink@longaberger.com by September 24, 2012. Thank you for joining with us in spreading the message of hope — together we are making a difference.

Make a Difference — Join Us At Longaberger Homestead October 6 For Our Horizon of Home Celebration and Race For Hope

Join us at the Longaberger Homestead on Saturday, October 6, for a variety of races and a fun walk that will support breast cancer research and awareness programs. There’s something for everyone – adults and kids alike! Your entry includes a commemorative tee, a recovery breakfast station with eggs, bacon, whole fruit, beverages and more, a participant’s bag with goodies, race awards, chances to win prizes and more!

For more information and to register, click here.

Show your support!

Help us plant the Garden of Hope and make a difference you can see. Your contribution to the Horizon of Hope campaign will “plant” a woven flower in our Garden of Hope at the Longaberger Homestead. All proceeds from your contribution go directly to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research, education, early detection and to support women and families who live with breast cancer.

Healthy Living Fair
We’ll have a health fair from 8 am – 1 pm, where you’ll have the opportunity to learn tips and ideas for healthy living. The Red Cross will be on handtaking much needed blood donations. To register to donate, contact Guest Relations Monday- Friday, 8 am – 5 pm ET, at 740-322-5588.

ThumbnailShopping Specials, Door Prizes and More
We’ll tickle you pink with shopping specials, a silent auction benefitting Horizon of Hope and hourly door prizes! What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars, call your friends and come out and make a difference!  Watch our short video now.



Longaberger Company Is Expanding to Canada – New Consultants NEEDED

Longaberger Company Is Expanding – New Consultants NEEDED

Yes, that’s right! Longaberger is expanding into Canada and all Longaberger Home Consultants can now begin earning money and building a team in Canada!  INTERESTED?  CONTACT ROSES GIFT IDEAS TODAY TO JOIN OUR TEAM!

Are you thinking — “Well, I live in Texas why is this important to me?” Do you have friends or relatives in Canada? Do any of you have friends or relatives there? Chances are you have contacts in Canada and you’ve just never considered them a part of your business — now you can!

GUESS WHAT?  We’ve opened up what we call “cross-border sponsoring and selling,” so ALL Longaberger Home Consultants have the opportunity to build a business in Canada.

Launch Timing and Enrollment Process

Beginning July 1, 2012, any Home Consultant can begin sponsoring new recruits in British Columbia or Ontario, Canada. Simply print off the Canadian Home Consultant Agreement below, select your Canadian Business Kit, contact Roses Gift Ideas Team, and submit the completed Canadian Home Consultant Agreement via mail to the Home Office at P.O. Box 3400, Newark Ohio, 43058-3400.