Score Big With Longaberger Collegiate Series & Team Spirit Specials

Score Big With Longaberger Collegiate Series & Team Spirit Specials

Fire Up Your Spirit! – Wednesday, August 7 – Tuesday, August 13!

  • Just in time to get ready for fall sports season, SAVE 25% on our Team Spirit and Collegiate Series Collections!
  • The Collegiate Series features customize products for 51 NCAA schools. Cheer on your team! See details below.
  • Choose from more than 47 Team Spirit color combinations, and create a special keepsake in support of your favorite team. Also a great idea for a fund-raiser for a club, fraternity/sorority or other organization! See details below @Roses Gift Ideas.




Longaberger Consultant: Rose M. Vincent

It’s almost time for the college football season to kick off! Are you ready to tailgate with your favorite school? Remember — when you host a show, you can get your selections at half-price or FREE!  Host a Home Show with Roses Gift Ideas Today.  Call for more details.

Back to school means fall sports and activity season! You can customize our Team Spirit Baskets with your school’s colors — what an awesome keepsake of those high school years!  Remember — when you host a show, you can get your selections at half-price or FREE!



Longaberger BONUS OFFER Through 7/31 – Fall WishList Preview Basket At Half-Price

Longaberger BONUS OFFER Through 7/31 – Fall WishList Preview Basket At Half-Price

Longaberger Fall WishList® Preview Special– Now – Wednesday, July 31!

  • Longaberger Woven Traditions® Pottery is American-Made — including 5 new items available NOW!
  • Order one of these special pottery pieces today @ Roses Gift Ideas, and you also may purchase a new item from our Fall/WinterWishList — the Medium Ware Basket — for half-price at just $69!
  • Available online now and can be counted on your home parties!  To host a party today contact me anytime.


Longaberger Consultant: Rose M. Vincent



Roses Gift Ideas






Longaberger Saving Is Entertaining

Longaberger Saving Is Entertaining

Small Entertaining Sale – Order Online March 13, 2013 @ Roses Gift Ideas

  • The Woven Traditions® 4-in-1 Entertainer is our March Bonus Buy — save $10 during March Only! The two piece set comes with the Plate and Bowl, which also can be used as a cover.
  • Pair this Bonus Buy with the Small Entertaining Bowl and you have the opportunity to serve pancakes and toppings, fresh fruit and veggies with dip, and so much more!
  • The Small Entertaining Bowl is also the perfect size for the table. Individual servings of fruit, dessert or maybe a cup of hot soup. Purchase one for each member of your family in their favorite color.
  • We’ve just released our new Spring WishList® and it’s full of beautiful new products! Host your own online party and receive host benefits when your party reaches $150 or more.

Easter Baskets at Longaberger at home® – March 12, 2013

  • Save up to 60% on Easter baskets @ Roses Gift Ideas — big, small, whitewashed, green, warm brown … you pick the color!
  • Be sure to check out the Longaberger at home Beautiful Bargains online! More than 200 new items have been added!

Longaberger Consultant: Rose M Vincent



Roses Gift Ideas


Double Cake, Double Savings At Longaberger!

Double Cake, Double Savings At Longaberger!

Heat Up Something Tasty

Forget about tea for two, we have a deal on the Woven Traditions® Cake For Two Pan that can’t be beat — savings of 60%!  Order online today starting at 12:00 Noon @ Roses Gift Ideas.

  • Perfect for a summer late-evening snack, with a cup of Longaberger Private Reserve Coffee (now available in decaf too!).
  • Great for serving condiments on the deck.
  • A wonderful gift idea for the new bride and groom.

Longaberger Home Consultant: Rose M. Vincent