Longaberger is committed to breast cancer awareness

Longaberger is committed to breast cancer awareness

Longaberger is committed to breast cancer awareness. During July 2012, through Horizon of Hope®, we can reach out and change womens’ lives forever in beautiful ways. A portion of the proceds from every Horizon of Hope product will be donated to the American Cancer Society®. Don’t miss our Early Bird Special July 1 – 15 with 20% off Special Order Pottery!  Order online now @ Roses Gift Ideas.





2012 Horizon of Hope Basket Set


Your Price $74.00


2012 Horizon of Hope Basket


Your Price $42.00


Set of 2 Horizon Hope® Baskets


Your Price $78.00


2012 Horizon of Hope Tie-On


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2012 Horizon of Hope® Accessories Set


Your Price $45.00


Horizon of Hope® Medium Market Basket Set


Your Price $129.00


Horizon of Hope Medium Market Basket


Your Price $92.00


Set of 2 Horizon of Hope® Water Bottles


Your Price $35.00