Longaberger Putting America To Work Starts With You


Longaberger Putting America To Work Starts With You


We’re sending you this friendly because you’re a very important member of the Longaberger family, and we have a wonderful opportunity for you to as our  customer to be a part of the family and to re-engage all our customers by letting them know about what’s happening with Longaberger.

We’re helping lead the effort to create American jobs.

Last month, Tami Longaberger announced that our company is beginning the transition to an all American-made product line again. Our baskets have always been made here in Ohio, by hand, by American craftsmen and craftswomen. But now, over the next few years, we are going to transition the rest of our line, such as pottery, back to “made in the USA.” We call this transition “Project Eagle,” and we’re proud to help create jobs for our fellow Americans!

We urge you to show your support for this effort and help speed up the transition by signing up as a Longaberger Consultant, hosting a home show with your family, acquaintances, co-workers and friends.  Join our Team Today!

As a Longaberger Home Consultant, your customers, and friends may:

  • Buy as many samples as they’d like at a 50% discount (During their first 30 days as a Home Consultant) Click here to see a selection of samples.
  • Save money with a 25% discount on regular products — just in time for the Holidays! (Including the brand new beautiful 100% ceramic cookware that makes healthy cooking easy. It’s called Flameware and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!)
  • Start earning an income while being your own boss, setting your own hours.
  • Renew old relationships or create new ones (there is no such thing as too many friends)!

Go ahead, call your family and friends to see about hosting a home show or contact Roses Gift Ideas Today to sign up to be a Longaberger Consultant (for as little as $19.00, if you like – Rose Vincent is your new sponsor!) Share our pride in “returning home” to America and share the friendship of a company with five generations of family heritage.

With Warmest Wishes,

The Longaberger Family
Roses Gift Ideas