Made In America Longaberger Pottery

Made In America Pottery

Made In America Pottery


Roses Gift Ideas and the Longaberger Company is Bringing It Home! Our Longaberger® Pottery Works is officially open and soon will begin producing Woven Traditions® Pottery in America! You can reserve your Woven Tradtions Pottery now and be among the first to share in this special effort. Delivery is estimated to begin in mid-August.  Order Today @ Roses Gift Ideas.


Woven Traditions® 12-Piece Dinnerware Set


Your Price $240.00


Woven Traditions® 16-Piece Dinnerware Set


Your Price $336.00


Single Woven Traditions® Dinner Plate


Your Price $28.00


Woven Traditions® Pie Plate


Your Price $38.00


Single Woven Traditions® Luncheon Plate


Your Price $24.00


Single Woven Traditions® Mug


Your Price $16.00