Fresh Baked Longaberger Savings – November 16-18!

Fresh Baked Longaberger Savings – November 16-18!

Longaberger Weekend Holiday Baking Sale
Baking is one of the traditions enjoyed most during the winter and holiday months. Whether it’s cookies and fudge for relatives or muffins on Christmas morning, the smells that these fresh-baked treats bring into our homes is delicious! These sale items are sure to help you with your holiday baking!  Order online for 3 days only @ Roses Gift Ideas.

  • 3-day Weekend Baking Sale!
  • All three sale items come in seven colors to coordinate with your favorite Woven Traditions Pottery and Flameware!
  • And we added a fresh new recipe for the Mini Muffin Pan using the Snickerdoodle Dessert Mix for you to try out during the holidays.

Longaberger Consultant: Rose M. Vincent