Quadriplegic Quest to Overcome

Quadriplegic Quest to Overcome

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U.S.A. your the best Nation on Earth…..and my fellow Americans have loving hearts that can make life changing differences in people’s lives at a blink of an eye. That’s why I’m asking for your help today. Having never asked for anything in my life and struggling since 1976 to provide for my family and make something of myself a Quadriplegic since July 1976, I’ve convinced myself I cannot defeat my disability no matter how I try nor can I afford stem cell research to heal me to walk one day. Help Me Funds are Needed!

America… can you help a good disabled individual out to pay hospital bills and make ends meet? Stem Cell infusion I cry. My outcry for assistance is very difficult for me to do but enough is enough!  Please share this campaign  YouTube homeYouTube home

I’m a very dedicated hard working individual confined to a wheelchair at age 16 as a quadriplegic for over 31 years and had 2 recent surgeries in Sept 2011 on my spinal cord which has sent me back quite a lot this past year. My spouse and I have always worked and scrapped for 30 years raising our kids and we have earned everything we’ve worked for and have had many ups and downs over the years and now find ourselves trying to make medical bills and ends meet with limited savings, retirement funds, and a quality of life everyone dreams of.

I’m about 3 years from retiring early at age 55 with and will have served 34 years hard time serving our DoD… but my quality of life has went down hill significantly since my surgeries last year and I almost had a tragic death in Jan 2012 while at home on a day off….I’ll spare you the drama but what a b#!ch. I don’t want to beg for help, but for the first time in my life, I want to ask my follow American’s for help and only in America we have capabilities like this to pan-handle to the World. American Innovation We Rock the World.

In closing, would you consider my request for a financial handout…so someone like me can maybe breath easy, pay my medical expenses, and help me fund stem cell infusion ? My beautiful wife and I just want what we all dream of…our golden days in retirement.

I’m not asking for millions. And I don’t want to get into the lime light and be a poster child at anyone’s expense in any way,nor do I want to have press releases and public attention. I’m just trying to live my disabled life and would like not having to struggle any longer or end up sitting out with a tin cup or with a piece of cardboard asking for help at some traffic light should my health degrade further. My spouse has sacrificed so much for almost 30 years keeping me in good health and helping me live my life, raise our children, and I just cannot live with myself if I drag us into the gutter with my health issues as we near our golden days.

Please help me with anything you can! God Bless You All.