2010 Horizon of Hope Longaberger Accessories Set

2010 Horizon of Hope® Accessories Set

Item #62138SET

The 2010 Horizon of Hope Accessories Set is available in Warm Brown or Whitewashed. This set includes Over-the-Edge Liner in our new Ribbons of Hope fabric, Protector, WoodCrafts Lid and 2010 Horizon of Hope Tie-On / Pin (1 1/8″l x 1/8″w x 1 1/2″h). Both WoodCrafts Lids feature the word “Hope”; Whitewashed with pink foil embossment and Warm Brown with burn. The satin nickel finished metal tie-on features three charms hanging from a bow that includes a pink ribbon, “never ive up” statement on a disc and a pink rosebud. Coordinating pink ribbon attached.  5 1/2″d x 2 5/8″h

From July 1 to October 31, 2010, Longaberger will contribute $2 from the sale of each 2010 Horizon of Hope Basket, 2010 Horizon of Hope Medium Serving Basket and Accessories Set and $1 from the sale of each Woven Traditions® 9″ x 13″ Baking Dish to the American Cancer Society. All Horizon of Hope items are available July 1 through October 31, 2010.  Join us in this great cause and spread the word with your friends and family…Together we can find a cure.  Order your Accessories Set Today at Roses Gift Ideas.

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