Comfort Food Gift Ideas For Christmas

New, tasty, unique and fun to serve and share with friends and family – that’s Longaberger’s new line of food products.  Order them all @ Roses Gift Ideas.

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for more details on each food item, as well as recipes and complete nutritional information.



Peppermint Twist Dip Bowl & Spreader with Choice of Mix or Blend


Regular Price  $39.00
Your Price $30.00

Party Mix Bundle


Regular Price  $41.00
Your Price $30.00

NEW! Hearty Beer Bread Mix


Your Price $6.00

Ivory Loaf Dish w/Hearty Beer Bread Mix


Regular Price  $48.00
Your Price $39.00

NEW! Parmesan Garlic Seasoning Blend


Your Price $10.00

NEW! Sweet & Spicy Salsa


Your Price $20.00

NEW! Southwest Seasoning Blend


Your Price $10.00

NEW! Tomato Basil Bisque Soup Mix


Your Price $9.00

NEW! Tropical Key Lime Mix


Your Price $9.00


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