University of Texas Longhorn Fans!

Attn: University of Texas Fans!

It’s official – The University of Texas reconsidered and approved the Woodcrafts Cutting Board. The cutting board will be available for ordering on shows and online beginning Thursday, January 27 at 12 pm ET.

Order yours and other Longhorn items @ Roses Gift Ideas NOW for all your Longhorn fans.






Texas® Tie-On


Your Price $12.00

Texas® WoodCrafts Cutting Board


Your Price $40.00

Texas® All Together Basket & Lid Set


Your Price $148.00

Texas® All Together WoodCrafts Lid


Your Price $50.00

Texas® Small Berry Basket Set


Your Price $62.00

Texas® Small Berry WoodCrafts Lid


Your Price $23.00

Texas® Buffet Basket Set


Your Price $145.00

Texas® Buffet WoodCrafts Lid


Your Price $56.00

Texas™ Fan Purse Basket & Lid Set


Your Price $139.00

Texas® Medium Market Basket Set


Your Price $139.00

Texas® Medium Market WoodCrafts Lid


Your Price $50.00

Texas® TV Time™ Basket Set


Your Price $87.00

Texas® TV Time™ WoodCrafts Lid


Your Price $25.00


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