Longaberger Red, White & New

Red, White & New!

Show your patriotic colors and American pride with our Bold
Longaberger Red and Navy Baskets and WoodCrafts available in May only!
Order online @ Roses Gift Ideas.

A. Medium Bowl Basket Set
Includes Basket (10"d x 4"h; Rec.
Wt. Use: 12 lbs.), and Protector
Set 63696# $72 $81 VALUE
Basket 13461# $69
Protector 45179 $6 $12 VALUE
WoodCrafts Lid 52297# $36

B. Set of 3 WoodCrafts Stars
Multicolor set includes Navy Small (3½"l x 3¾"w),
Whitewashed Medium (5½"l x 5½"w) and Bold
Red Large (6¾"l x 7"w) Stars
Set Multicolor 6369801 $44 $49 VALUE
Set One color 63698# $44 $49 VALUE
Small Star 52052# $11
Medium Star 52053# $16
Large Star 52291# $22

C. Small Oval Basket Set
Includes Basket (6¾"l x 4½"w x 3¼"h;
Rec. Wt. Use: 3 lbs.), and Protector
Set 63695# $42 $47 VALUE
Basket 13462# $39
Protector 40497 $4 $8 VALUE
WoodCrafts Lid 52296# $23

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Independent Home Consultant - Welcome The Longaberger Company is America's premier maker of handcrafted gift baskets, pottery and offers other home decor products.

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